Wayne State College

Dining on Campus

Flex Dollars and Cat Cash

Flex dollars and Cat Cash offer even more flexibility for the meal plan holder. Flex dollars and Cat Cash are accepted like cash in all WSC dining locations, as well as concessions in Rice Auditorium. While they have different names, both are a declining balance account attached to valid WSC student IDs. Flex dollars are the dollars that are originally included with the meal plan. Cat Cash is any additional dollars added to the account when the original flex dollar balance gets low or simply in addition to the original flex dollar balance.   

This declining balance account works on the same principle as a debit card. Purchases made using flex dollars or Cat Cash are subtracted from the available declining account balance. Meals and snacks may be purchased for guests through the flex or Cat Cash accounts.

Any remaining flex dollar balance carries over to second semester as long as the student has a meal plan for second semester. Cat Cash carries over as long as the student has a valid WSC ID.