Wayne State College

Housing Rules and Regulations

Break Housing

The residence halls serve as a temporary and limited housing option to support students during their academic studies and are not considered permanent long term housing. Residence hall rooms must be vacated during official college vacation periods for the safety of the student. They include Fall Break (Thanksgiving), Winter Break, and Spring Mid-Term Break. Halls will re-open at times publicized by residence hall staff members. Residents who need housing during break periods for non-WSC related reasons should plan alternative accommodations in advance.

Permission to stay during break periods is granted only to those with a Wayne State College related reason or, individuals who, at the Office of Residence Life's discretion qualify as an extraordinary situation. Semester room charges do not include break periods, so additional charges for break housing will apply for those who receive approval who are not staying for WSC related reasons or identified as an international student.

Residents who are approved for break housing must live in buildings designated for break housing and are expected to continue to follow residence hall policies. Residents who violate campus policy during break periods may be asked to leave for the duration of the break.