Wayne State College

Housing Rules and Regulations

Cancellation and Refund Policies

The Residence Hall contract is for one academic year.  Students will not be released from the contract or its accompanying financial obligations during the academic year except when:

  • The student has officially withdrawn or been suspended for academic or disciplinary reasons.
  • The student cancels the contract in person or in writing at the Office of Residence Life and has vacated the hall no later than 5 p.m Friday during the first week of the fall academic term.
  • The contract is terminated with the approval of the Director of Residence Life or Dean of Students.
  • The student needs to cancel their contract for an academic WSC related reason. Such reasons may include student teaching, graduation, study abroad or internship.  

In all cases, students who have not lived on campus for one full academic year cannot cancel their contracts unless they are age 21 or older; married; have a dependent child; or living with parents or legal guardians.

If a student cancels their housing:

  • Before June 1: 100% of the housing charges are removed.
  • After June 1 (but before move in): 100% of the housing charges are removed, and a 10% cancellation penalty is applied for the academic year room and board contract rate (fall and spring terms).
  • After move-in (but before 5 p.m. Friday of the first week of classes): Student is subject to daily prorated charges for the time in housing as well as a 10% cancellation penalty for the academic year contract (fall and spring terms).
  • After 5 p.m. Friday of the first week of classes of the fall academic term: No refunds issued unless an academic related reason or special circumstances exist. Students who move out after 5 p.m. Friday of the first week of classes must be approved by the Office of Residence Life, Kanter Student Center RM 201.

Academic-Related Withdrawals

Students who have to leave housing for academic related reasons such as withdrawal from WSC, student teaching, study abroad, etc., may be released without cancellation penalties or further financial obligations provided they follow the appropriate procedures given to them by the Office of Residence Life to ensure they leave the halls properly. Students will be subject to daily prorated costs up to the point they officially check out from the halls. Students who do not check out properly may continue to be subject to additional costs.

Academic Suspension Cancellations

Students who are academically suspended will have their housing contract automatically canceled. Once the Office of Residence Life receives notification from the Office of Records and Registration that a student has been suspended, he/she will be removed from campus housing. If a student plans to appeal their academic suspension they must notify the Office of Residence Life of their intentions. Students who are readmitted must request a new room assignment. Students who were academically suspended will be required to reapply for housing and pay a new application fee. If a student still has property in the room they were assigned to, housing charges will not be removed until a student removes all of their personal property from the room and returns all issued keys. Since the space cannot be utilized until the resident checks out, residents may be subject to charges for the term if they do not check out before


In all cases, students will not be issued a credit to their account for housing until a student has properly checked out of the residence halls removing all property and returning room keys to residence life staff. Refunds are prorated to the day students have officially moved out of the room and properly checked out with hall staff.