Wayne State College

Housing Rules and Regulations

Occupancy and Assignments

Rooms are usually occupied by two persons, but the college reserves the right to assign more than two persons to a room if conditions make it necessary. Private rooms may be available on a limited basis for an additional charge.

Assignment of residence hall rooms is the responsibility of the Office of Residence Life. Preferences for specific halls and roommates will be honored to the extent possible. However, the College reserves the right to make all final decisions in assigning rooms and roommates. The Office of Residence Life may require a student to move or change rooms during the academic year.

Overflow / Waitlist Housing

Overflow housing is any bed that is temporarily added to a typical residence hall room as well as housing that is not normally used for student housing, such as floor lounges and guest rooms. 

The need for overflow/waitlist housing occurs when the number of applicants exceeds designed on campus bed space. Applicants may be assigned to temporary spaces until a permanent space becomes available. As spaces become available, students placed in overflow housing will be relocated to a more permanent assignment.

Overflow housing is a temporary assignment.  Any student placed in an overflow assignment understands that when a permanent assignment becomes available they will be reassigned by the Office of Residence Life and required to relocate to the new room. Students cannot request to remain in overflow housing

Assignment of Overflow Housing: Students will be assigned to overflow housing on the basis of when they applied for housing for the academic year. Students are placed in the order their applications are received. Overflow housing will only be used once all other spaces have been exhausted.

Types of Overflow Housing

RA roommate: In the event a Resident Assistant (RA) is asked to take on a roommate, Residence Life will work with the RA to select a roommate that is preferred. Students who agree to be roommates of RA's will be required to sign a specialized agreement outlining confidentiality and room usage. Roommates of RAs will still be subject to the same rights to the room as an RA, however roommates will need to accept that from time to time an RA's duty could interfere with the lifestyle habits of the roommate. Should a conflict arise between an RA/roommate or if a situation presents itself where the roommate's presence creates a conflict of interest to the position, the roommate of the RA may be asked to leave the RA assignment. Non-RA roommates cannot provide the functions of an RA. Roommates assigned to RA rooms receive no additional discount.

Guest rooms: Guest rooms are residential spaces typically used for temporary guests of residents throughout the year. The rooms are outfitted for a residential environment and typically have a bathroom located in the residential space. Students assigned to guest rooms receive no additional discount and will be required to take care of the upkeep of the bathroom during their residency. 

Repurposed rooms: Residence life has a few select rooms that once were residential rooms that were repurposed into other spaces such as lounges or storage. These spaces have all of the same offerings of a residential room as the room is temporarily restored to its former use. No additional discount is given for students assigned to repurposed rooms.

Double room with a third roommate:  A double room with a third roommate are standard residence hall rooms with a third bed added.  Residence Life carefully selects rooms based on location and building codes that could reasonably sustain a 3rd roommate temporarily in a double room.  All students assigned in these selected rooms will receive a 20% discount during their assignment.  Students assigned to designed triples do not qualify for the discount as those rooms are naturally larger to accommodate 3 students.

Conditions of 20% discount

  • The discount applies only once classes begin.  If a student is reassigned before classes start, they will be subject to the standard room rate for their assignment
  • Students reassigned to a permanent assignment within the first 2 weeks of the semester will receive a 20% discount that is prorated for the time they were in a double room with a third roommate
  • Students reassigned to a permanent room after the start of the third week will retain their discount for the duration of the semester, however will be subject to the standard room rate for the spring term
  • Students whose room converts from a double with a third roommate to a standard double will be subject to the timelines listed above for the relocating roommate. 

Waitlist Housing

Waitlist housing are students who are NOT able to be given an assignment immediately after standard and overflow housing has been exhausted.  Students in waitlist housing will be given an assignment based on the order their application was received.  If a student is placed on waitlist housing, certain exceptions exist regarding their housing application and contract they've completed:

  • Students who receive official notice they are waitlisted can reserve the right to cancel their housing application and contract with no penalty
  • Students will not be required to pay the $50 application fee while on the waitlist.  If students already paid the application fee and they cancel their agreement, a credit will be placed on the student’s account for the fee
  • Once students are assigned from the waitlist to overflow or standard housing, their contract is in force and the standard housing policies apply to their application.