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Residence Halls

Housing on Campus

Each of Wayne State's seven residence halls have a unique personality. Explore each one to find one that suits you best.

Room Types

There are three types of rooms in each residence hall:

Standard Rooms are designed for multiple occupants and have been assigned to meet the rooms capacity. These include standard double, triple and quad occupancy rooms.

Premium Rooms are designed for multiple occupants that have dropped below the rooms capacity. When this happens, the remaining resident or residents are given the option to buy out the remaining space and keep these larger rooms as private accommodations. For example, one resident living in a standard double occupancy room electing to retain the room as a private would pay the premium room rate.

Single Rooms are only capable of holding a single occupant. These rooms by design are smaller than a Standard Room.

View current housing rates for each residence hall and room type.

Comparing Residence Halls

Residence Hall # of Floors  # of Residents   Air Conditioned?  In Room Sink? Available for Freshmen? 
 Anderson  4  160  N  Y  Y
 Berry  4  306  N  Y  Y
 Bowen  8  437  Y  N  Y
 Morey  4  231  N  Y  Y
 Neihardt  4  162  Y  Y  Limited
 Pile  4  140  Y  Y  Limited
 Terrace  3  141  N  Y  Limited