Wayne State College

Study Abroad Application Process

Program Identification and Planning

  1. Identify a study abroad program of interest
  2. Meet with the study abroad staff to discuss the process
  3. Receive a substitution form to take to your academic advisor
  4. Meet with your academic advisor to discuss how the program fits into your program of study

Approval and Registration

  1. Students complete and return study abroad registration/application to their study abroad faculty member.
  2. Students meet with their academic advisor to complete the substitution form (if needed), who forwards it to the department chair and dean of their school for signatures.
  3. The VPAA sends the completed substitution form to the Records and Registration Office.
  4. The study abroad faculty member provides a list of all potential study abroad participants to Records and Registration for registration.

Study Abroad

  1. Enjoy your travels while earning up to 6 credits!

After Your Return

  1. Your grades are submitted to the registrar
  2. Course substitution will be applied to your degree audit as needed