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Sample Program of Study - Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary courses bring together a variety of fields of study, stressing the wholeness of human knowledge rather than its particularity. The courses demonstrate that different disciplines provide alternate perspectives on the same truths and understandings. They integrate student learning and provide an introduction to a wide variety of liberal arts disciplines.

The following courses are part of the interdisciplinary studies program, in addition to the courses you'll take for the program you create.

IDS 110 Shapers of the Modern Mind (1) 

IDS 120 Library Resources and Overview (2) 

IDS 121 Database Review (1) 

IDS 300 Critical Thinking (3) 


A student may select an individual program of study cutting across departmental lines. Such programs consist of a minimum of 18 semester hours. A minor must include a minimum of 12 hours unduplicated by the student’s major(s) and minor(s). The minor should be requested prior to completion of 80 hours.

The program must be an organized sequence of courses with a major emphasis in one department and supporting work in at least one other department. At least 50 percent of the hours must be upper level.

An interdisciplinary minor satisfies the degree requirement for second field of study in the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science.