Wayne State College

Interdisciplinary Studies Programs of Study

The interdisciplinary studies program allows you to create your own major. Here are some sample program pairings from previous IDS graduates:

Child Life Studies*
(Combining classes in family and consumer sciences - early childhood with human service counseling)

CSL 202 Introduction to Human Service Counseling
CSL 324 Fundamentals of Counseling
CSL 342 Interviewing Skills
CSL 490 Human Service Counseling Seminar
CSL 497 Human Service Counseling Internship
EDU 216 Children’s Literature
EDU 217 Diverse Family Systems
FCS 108 Introduction to Family and Consumer Sciences
FCS 115 Human Development and the Family
FCS 120 Introduction to Early Childhood Education
FCS 220 Infants and Toddlers
FCS 310 Parenting
FCS 335 The Preschool Age Child
FCS 430 Organization and Administration of Early Childhood Educational Programs
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 415 The Family
SPD 301 Inclusive Practices

*Be sure to also check out the early childhood and family studies program offered at Wayne State College. 

Event Management
(Combining classes in business administration - marketing, family and consumer sciences, and mass communication)

BUS 122 Personal Finance in Modern Society
BUS 208 Business Communications
BUS 222 Business Law I
BUS 240 Accounting I
BUS 360 Management Theory and Practice
BUS 370 Principles of Marketing
BUS 372 Selling and Sales Management
BUS 374 Advertising and Integrated Marketing
BUS 408 Business Ethics
CNA 374 Public Relations
CNA 426 Web and Social Media Management
CNA 453 Integrated Marketing Communication
FCS 104 Principles of Food Preparation
FCS 205 Meal Management
FCS 240 Design and Interior Development
FCS 303 Fashion Retailing
FCS 306 Family Resource Management
FCS 313 Techniques in Professional Presentation
FCS 391 Special Project
FCS 410 Professional Development in FCS
FCS 497 Internship

Photography Design in Sport
(Combining classes in sport management, marketing, journalism, and graphic design)

ART 204 Digital Imaging for Graphic Design
ART/ITE 363 Digital Photography
BUS 374 Advertising and Integrated Marketing
CNA 280 News Writing
CNA 389 Photojournalism
CNA 392 Sport Writing
CNA 458 Advanced News Writing and Reporting
MLC 110 Elementary Language – American Sign Language
PED 140 Introduction to Sport Management
PED 277 Media Relations in Sport
PED 405 Sport Business
PED 410 Sport Law
PED 411 Sport Marketing and Promotion
PED 489 Fieldwork in Sport Management

Public and Global Health** 
(Combining classes in social sciences, biology, and physical education) 
GEO 430 Geographic Information Systems
PED 105 Anatomy and Physiology or BIO 220 Human Anatomy
PED 205 Anatomy and Physiology II or BIO 340 Human Physiology
PGH 200 Intro to Personal, Public, and Global Health
SOC 101 Intro to Sociology
SOC 315 Rural Sociology
SOC 345 Race and Ethnic Relations
SSC 300 Social Statistics
SSC 319 Social Science Research Methods
**Be sure to also check out our pre-public health program, jointly offered by Wayne State College and the University of Nebraska Medical Center.