Wayne State College

Pre-Optometry Program of Study

Every effort is made to ensure this information is current, but please be aware that some content may have changed. There is no substitute for developing a careful course registration plan in consultation with your advisor. The class sequence listed is suggested only. The final decision rests with the student and academic advisor.

2023-24 Academic Year

This is a suggested sequence for students intending to apply to the University of Houston, College of Optometry. Nebraska residents are eligible for “out-of-state-campus program.” Students are strongly advised to complete their B.S. degree prior to optometry studies. The University of Houston requires a B.S. degree for all entering students.  Participation in this pre-professional program at WSC does not guarantee acceptance at the selected institution for completion of the degree.

BIO 110 Biology Concepts (4)
BIO 200 Zoology (4)
CHE 106 General Chemistry I (4)
CHE 107 General Chemistry II (4)
ENG 102 Composition Skills (3)
ENG 200 Expository Writing (3)
MAT 140 Calculus I (5)
MAT 180 Applied Probability and Statistics (3)

BIO 320 Molecular Genetics (4)
BIO 385 Microbiology* (4)
CHE 314 Organic Chemistry I (4)
CHE 315 Organic Chemistry II (4)
ENG 150 Topics in Literature (3)
PHY 301 University Physics I (4)
PHY 302 University Physics II (4)
PHY 321 Physics I Lab (1)
PHY 322 Physics II Lab (1)
General Studies (3)

ART 102 Visual Arts Experience (2)
BIO 220 Human Anatomy (4)
BIO 221 Human Physiology (4)
CHE 326 Biochemistry I (4)
HIS 120 World History (3)
PHI 105 Ethics and Values (3)
PSY 101 General Psychology (3)
SSC 300 Social Science Research Methods (3)
Electives (6)

End of junior year: Optometry Admission Test

CHE 326 Biochemistry I (4)

*PHY 465 Optics should be taken if offered.