Wayne State College

Pre-Oceanography Program of Study

Every effort is made to ensure this information is current, but please be aware that some content may have changed. There is no substitute for developing a careful course registration plan in consultation with your advisor. The class sequence listed is suggested only. The final decision rests with the student and academic advisor.

Students must complete the listed coursework below in addition to meeting the general education requirements.

2022-23 Academic Year

Freshman - 1st semester
BIO 110 Biology Concepts or *EAS 110 Introduction to Meteorology (4)
CHE 106 General Chemistry I (4)
MAT 130 Pre-Calculus or MAT 140 Calculus I (5)
General Studies (3)

Freshman - 2nd semester
BIO 200 Zoology or **EAS Introduction to Geology (4)
CHE 107 General Chemistry II (4)
MAT 140 Calculus I or MAT 240 Calculus II (5)
General Studies (3)

Sophomore - 1st semester
MAT 180 Applied Probability and Statistics or MAT 240 Calculus II (3-5)
*PHY 301 University Physics I (4)
*PHY 321 Physics I Lab (1)
General Studies and/or electives in consultation with advisor (6)

Sophomore - 2nd semester
**PHY 302 University Physics II (4)
**PHY 322 Physics II Lab (1)
General Studies and/or electives in consultation with advisor (6)

For students electing to stay the third year at WSC, they are advised to specialize in one of the following areas: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Earth Sciences, or Mathematics. (A minimum of 8 hours of science per term and a continuation of mathematics.)

For students completing four years at WSC, advisement is for a major in Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, or Computer Science in preparation for a graduate degree in Oceanography.
*Offered fall semester
**Offered spring semester