Wayne State College

Skilled and Technical Sciences Education Program of Study

Every effort is made to ensure this information is current, but please be aware that some content may have changed. There is no substitute for developing a careful course registration plan in consultation with your advisor. The class sequence listed is suggested only. The final decision rests with the student and academic advisor.

2023-24 Academic Year

CNA 100 Principles of Human Communication (3)
EDU 150 Introduction to Professional Education (3)
ENG 102 Composition Skills (General Studies CAT 1) (3)
ITE 111 Introduction to Safety (recommended elective) (3)
ITE 114 Intro to Applied Engineering and Technology (3)
ITE 214 Residential Drawing (3)
ITE 219 Mechanical and Engineering Drafting (3)
ITE 202 Construction Systems (3)
General Studies

It is recommended that students satisfactorily complete the Core exam before completion of the freshman year.

EDU 245 Preparing for Level 2: Teacher Candidacy (0)
EDU 250 Human Development and Cognition (3)
EDU 275 PK-12 Instructional Design (3)
ITE 205 Intro to Manufacturing Technology (3)
ITE 210 Intro to Energy, Power, and Transportation Systems (3)
ITE 308 Construction Technology (3)
ITE 330 Welding Theory and Fabrication (3)
General Studies

Advancement to Level 2: Acceptance to Teacher Education Candidacy required before taking any 300/400 level EDU/SPD courses.

CED 417 Principles of Career Education (3)
CSC 478 Robotics (3)
EDU 409 ITE Content Methods and Assessment (3)
EDU 414 Content Area Clinical (1)
ITE 222 Fundamentals of CNC Machining (3)
ITE 300 Small Engines (3)
ITE 307 Cabinetmaking and Millwork (3)
ITE 326 Technology Lab Design and Management (3)
SPD 302 Inclusion and Co-Teaching in General Education (3)
General Studies

CED 423 Coordinating Techniques (3)
EDU 310 Reading, Writing, and Assessment in the Content Area (2)
ITE 403 Electronics and Control Systems (3)
SPD 436 Classroom Management Through Social-Emotional Learning 7-12 (3)
Elective (9)

Advancement to Level 3: Clinical Practice
EDU 456 Clinical Practice and Seminar for the Secondary School (12)