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Multifactor Authentication (Duo)

Updated: 7/2/18
Wayne State College will being deploying multifactor authentication, provided by Duo Security, to campus services during summer 2018. Multifactor authentication better protects your account by requiring an additional piece of information beyond your username and password.  Adding the second step makes it difficult for unauthorized users to access your account if your password  has been compromised. There is a one-time enrollment of Duo using TrueYou. Once you have enrolled, you will log in as usual with your username and password, and then use your device to verify that it is you.    More details


OneDrive for Business

Updated: 11/15/17
Wayne State College is expanding its Microsoft Office 365 service offering to include OneDrive for Business, a cloud based solution for storing and sharing files. Use OneDrive for Business to store your work files across multiple devices with ease and security. Share your files with colleagues as needed, and edit Office documents together in real time with Office Online, the browser based versions of your favorite Microsoft Office applications.   More details


Sakai 11

Updated: 10/30/17
Sakai is Wayne State College's Learning Management System. It is a collaboration and learning environment with built-in tools to support the needs of a number of different teaching and learning models. Network & Technology Services is upgrading to the current version of Sakai to enhance the learning possibilities. Sakai 11 will be more mobile friendly and have a responsive design. There are several new tool enhancements including the Gradebook, Lessons, and Tests & Quizzes to name a few.   More details


Phone and tablet charging stations

Updated: 8/23/17
The Wayne State College Student Senate chose to purchase secure phone charging stations in the fall of 2016. The idea was to provide students with a safe place to store belongings and charge devices while eating, studying, or working out. The decision among the Student Senators representing every academic school was unanimous and the charging stations were installed over the summer of 2017.

The location of units inside of the building was left to be decided by the director of each one, whom all placed them prominently. While the decision on type of unit, size, and amount was left to the students. The units include a display system capable of disseminating information pertinent to students. Besides a display screen the chargers are simple batteries, not made to send or receive any signal except to the display.


Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) for Faculty and Staff

Updated: 8/16/17
It’s finally here! For those of you needing and requesting Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, or other Adobe software apps we finally have a vehicle for providing the newest Adobe product versions to all WSC staff and faculty. In the past, single licenses for single apps or creative suites were purchased on an as needed basis.  Support for last Adobe Creative Suite offered (CS 6) ended in 2014.  Since then Adobe started offering their Adobe Creative Cloud product which is the newest avenue for offering current versions of their software through a single web portal.  As needed NATS has been purchasing single licenses of the Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe CC)…….until now!      More Details


Windows 10 Migration

Updated: 6/12/17
Since 2012 Wayne State College has provided Windows 7 as our primary Operating System on campus. Due to changes in the computer market and Microsoft’s support for newer computers, Network and Technology Services will, this summer, begin migrating campus computers to Windows 10 as part of our efforts to provide a technologically modern campus, and enhance user experience. Windows 10 is similar to Windows 7 in both look and feel, with minor cosmetic differences. This migration process will be rolled out over the next two years.  More Details


eCampus File Manager to Filr Migration

Updated: 2/17/17
Since 2002, Waye State College has been using the native web file manager in eCampus and prior to that, Virtual Campus, to handle file management for the J: and G: drives.  Over the years, the Network and Technology Services staff have considered alternatives to replace this system with something more modern and easier to use.  The reliance on Novell products for our file servers has limited our ability to find viable solutions to replace the NATS developed and maintained file manager in use today.  On March 17th, 2017 this will change.  More Details


Electronic Door Access

Updated: 8/15/16
Since the founding of Wayne State College a brass key system has been the standard for granting access to buildings across campus. Over the last two years Wayne State College has been working on implementing electronic door access. Starting in the Fall of 2016 Phase 1 of card access will be implemented on seventeen doors across campus.  More Details