Wayne State College

TRIO Student Support Services


TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) is a student success program for first generation college students, students from limited income families, and students with disabilities. TRIO provides a combination of academic and personal support services that matches the individual needs of each student to increase learning, retention, and graduation rates.

How it Works

Each TRIO student is assigned to a professional advisor, and together they create a student success plan that includes the student’s life goals, use of TRIO services, campus resources, and periodic meetings to monitor progress. TRIO students are expected to demonstrate a serious commitment to their education through excellent class attendance, 20-30 study hours per week, frequent use of TRIO and campus resources, and regular contact with their TRIO advisor.

TRIO works! TRIO students earn more credit hours, have higher grades, and graduate at a higher rate than eligible students who don’t participate in TRIO.


Academic Support
TRIO academic services help students understand and adjust to the academic expectations and requirements of college level learning. Services include:

  • Priority (first day) course registration
  • Academic tutoring
  • Advice and assistance in course selection
  • Learning strategies and study skills for college
  • Writing instruction
  • Math  instruction

Personal Support
TRIO personal support services provide a safety net and support as a student adjusts to the challenges of increased independence and responsibility that are a part of college life. Services include:

  • Professional TRIO advisor assigned for each student
  • Peer mentoring
  • Career and personal coaching
  • Education and counseling to improve financial and economic literacy
  • Information and assistance in completing and applying for federal student aid

Programs for Freshmen

TRIO Freshman Experience is a two credit hour, non-degree course with sections for TRIO freshmen only, taught by TRIO professional staff. The course is a semester long orientation to college and covers topics such as academic expectations, college level learning strategies, TRIO and campus services and resources, financial literacy, campus involvement and career planning. Standard tuition and fees apply, but there is no additional cost to enroll in TRIO sections of the course. Required for all new TRIO freshmen.

TRIO Bridge is an optional five-day program in which new TRIO students move on campus five days before other freshmen and learn about college life, college expectations, and services at Wayne State. Housing and meals are provided. TRIO Bridge simulates an average week at WSC and provides an extensive orientation to TRIO staff and services, campus procedures, and social activities that help students get to know their TRIO Peer Mentors and other new TRIO students. TRIO Bridge is a great way to get off to a fast start at Wayne State. TRIO Bridge 2020 will be August 16-21, and concludes immediately prior to the beginning of freshman orientation during Week of Welcome on August 21. There is a $50 fee for TRIO Bridge.