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Peer Mentors

Why should I have a mentor?

Asking, " Why should I have a mentor?" is like asking, "Why should I use a map or follow road signs?" Peer Mentors are a human tool to guide you through your first year of college. They have experienced college life and can help problem solve any situations that may arise. Sometimes, it is easier to ask another student a question than it is to ask a teacher or advisor. Best of all, a mentor has already taken most of the classes that you will be taking in your first year...and they know how to succeed.

Who are the peer mentors?

They are WSC students who are active in the TRiO Student Support Services program. They are sophomores, juniors and seniors. The mentors are students who are interested in making new friends. They are students who have successfully balanced their academic and social lives and are willing to share their experiences with a new student. They are willing to help you stay motivated and focused. The only difference between you and the peer mentors is they got here first!

What will my mentor and I do?

  • Attend events on and off campus, out of town and even out of state.
  • Learn about campus services, organizations, residence hall policies, academics
  • Socialize, exercise, go to the movies, shop or just hangout.
  • Eat---it may sound funny, but it's true!
  • Discuss success tips specific to the class you are in.
  • Explore your interests and career goals.

How do I get involved?

Contact the TRiO Student Support Services office at 402-375-7500 for more details.