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Holland Academic Success Center

Academic Success Courses

Academic Success (ASC) courses, available through the Holland Academic Success Center, are graded and apply toward full-time enrollment, but do not count toward graduation and are not included in the calculation of WSC Grade Point Average. These courses are listed under Academic Success Courses in the course schedule/registration booklets each semester.

ASC 117 Freshman Experience (2 non-degree) CREDIT DOES NOT COUNT TOWARD ANY WSC DEGREE. This course is designed to improve student performance in college classroom and teaches adaptability in a changing environment. Freshman Experience helps students develop strategies to improve academic performance, approach new ideas and subjects and perform better in discussions and on college exams. Students will be encouraged to become involved in campus activities and receive information on the various campus services that may benefit them throughout their college experience. Some sections of ASC 117 are linked with General Studies courses. For more information about linked courses, contact Mary Carstens.