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General Studies Courses

General Studies (GST) courses, available through the Holland Academic Success, are graded and apply toward full-time enrollment, but do not count toward graduation and are not included in the calculation of WSC Grade Point Average. These courses are listed under General Studies in the course schedule/registration booklets each semester.

GST 102 Beginning Algebra (2 non-degree) CREDIT DOES NOT COUNT TOWARD ANY WSC DEGREE. Operations with real numbers, solutions and graphs of linear equations, problem solving strategies, and algebraic manipulations are included. The course also reinforces basic mathematical skills and their everyday applications. Intended for students with inadequate math background, high level of math anxiety, or out of a school environment for some years. It is also useful for CORE Academic Skills for Educators Test Preparation. The course is designed for students with: math ACT 15 or below, SAT 410 or below, or a COMPASS score of PREALG OR ALGEBRA: below 30.

GST 103 Elementary Algebra (3 non-degree) CREDIT DOES NOT COUNT TOWARD ANY WSC DEGREE. Prerequisite: Placement or C- or better in GST 102. A beginning Algebra course covering most elementary topics of algebra. The real number system, solving simple equations and inequalities, and an introduction to polynomials, rational equations and radical expressions. This course does not meet a general education requirement. This course is designed for students with: Math ACT 16 or above, SAT 440 or above, or a COMPASS score of ALGEBRA: 30 and above as well as for students with limited algebra background or for students who need review.

GST 117 Freshman Experience (2 non-degree) CREDIT DOES NOT COUNT TOWARD ANY WSC DEGREE. This course is designed to improve student performance in college classroom and teaches adaptability in a changing environment. Freshman Experience helps students develop strategies to improve academic performance, approach new ideas and subjects and perform better in discussions and on college exams. Students will be encouraged to become involved in campus activities and receive information on the various campus services that may benefit them throughout their college experience. Some sections of GST 117 are linked with General Education courses. For more information about linked courses, contact Mary Carstens. Course fee required: $6.