Wayne State College

Writing Tutors

Need a second pair of eyes to review your paper? Writing help is available both on-campus and online. These tutors help students improve academic writing skills.

On-Campus Writing Tutors

Writing tutors will help students clarify concepts, improve critical thinking, develop paragraphs and transitions, work on organization, increase vocabulary, incorporate and correctly document secondary sources, and write logical, grammatically correct, clear sentences.

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Online Writing Help

For papers eight pages or fewer in length, help with writing is available by emailing [email protected].

  1. Email your paper to [email protected]. All submissions must be a Word document attached as a file. (Please include a brief description of the assignment's directions and your time availability.)
  2. Our goal is to have your paper returned within 24-36 hours during non-peak times. Thank you for your patience during peak times!
  3. Please include the citation style you are using on your paper.

Guidelines for paper submissions:

  • Any paper less than eight pages; small sections can be emailed for review for longer papers.
  • Only one submission per student per day will be accepted.
  • We do not proofread take home tests or quizzes.
  • Cover letters and applications may be submitted for review.