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Subgrant Proposal Guidelines (2023-24)

The Service-Learning Program at Wayne State College provides institutional sub-grants to help meet the needs of area community partners. 

All academic courses and recognized campus organizations integrating a Service-Learning (S-L) component are eligible to apply for an institutional S-L subgrant support. S-L subgrant proposals should be designed to address community partner needs. Typically, a subgrant award is no more than $500, but identified needs, number of student participants, and project/event complexity may merit an increase in the amount of the award. 

The S-L institutional subgrants provide support for mileage, guest speakers, supplies, recognitions, etc. Please note that there are restrictions for state funds. Please refer to the 2023-24 WSC Employee Handbook. For additional information, please contact Lisa Nelson, WSC Director of Service-Learning, at 402-375-7182.

WSC’s Service-Learning Faculty Advisory Committee members review subgrant proposals and based on a consensus make recommendations for funding. The S-L Advisory Committee members serve as evaluators on a rotating schedule. Grantees agree to provide a project summary with evaluation components, faculty, community partner and student surveys, student reflections, an activity log (time/effort report), and demographic information (tracking tool) upon completion of the S-L activity.

S-L subgrant proposals have a rolling deadline throughout the academic year. The review process takes approximately one to two weeks. The number of subgrants awarded in an academic year is determined by funding availability. Early submissions are encouraged. 

Please send S-L subgrant proposals electronically to Lisa Nelson at [email protected]

All proposals should include:

  1. Title Page: Applicant/faculty and/or organization name(s) and advisor (if co-curricular). Please include names and contact information for all individuals involved.
    - Course title, department, call number
    - S-L project/event title
    - Date
  2. Project Summary: S-L project/event specifics
    - “Community need”  
    - Include the community partners involvement
    - List the activities involved, the number of students who will be participating with an estimate of the number of hours of service, and an anticipated timeline
    - How the project will be assessed 
    - Learning and serving objectives 
    - Reflections: How will students report and “reflect” on BOTH the learning and the serving components of their experience?
    *Set up a time when the students will receive a class S-L orientation. A tentative date should be included in the syllabus and project summary along with the number of students enrolled in the course. Please email Lisa Nelson at [email protected] to schedule the classroom orientation.
  3. Budget Narrative: Include an itemized total with specifics about how the funds will help meet the community need.
  4. Course Syllabus and/or Syllabus Supplement (not applicable for co-curricular projects):
    - S-L section with a project timeline (include the classroom S-L orientation) 
    - Student participation assessment/project grading
    - Learning and serving objectives

Please contact Lisa Nelson with any questions at 402-375-7182 or linelso1wsc.edu.