Wayne State College

Art Show/Auction

Artist Guidelines

Sending Your Art to Our Show

WillyCon is a Science/Science-Fiction/Fantasy-oriented convention, so please keep this in mind when sending your work. Also, we operate within a conservative area, and some people on campus and in the community are easily offended, and we are a family-friendly con, so please do not send anything you think may cause a problem. Having said that, if you like it and think it fits our theme, send it in! Art that you would like to display but is not for sale may be entered in the art show, but please keep these types of submissions to a minimum - the goal is for us to send you money, not return your art!

There is a $0.50 per piece hanging fee for art entered in the art show and a $2 charge per table for 3D work (no charge for WSC students). A name card, business card size, may be placed with your work free of charge. Be prepared to share panels/tables with other artists. All art should be prepared for display - WillyCon will provide standard clips to hang your art. If you want to send your own clips, please identify them clearly so we can get them back to you. Note: These clips may "dent" the matting! Please use standard sizes when matting so buyers can easily find frames to fit the art work. We encourage artists to frame their work where possible. Many artists are now sending their art in plastic sleeves, with a stick-on tab that allows us to put a hook in the pegboard and hang the piece without using a clip. We love this! It is relatively inexpensive and looks more professional - please use this method if you can. It is an added expense, but you can bump up your minimum bid, and it should balance out.

There will be a print shop for prints and reproductions submitted by artists. WillyCon does not make the prints for the artist due to the problems with printing on different systems and the variations that may occur. There is no hanging fee for print shop items, only for art displayed in the art show. Print shop items are sold through direct sale, not through bid. As in the art show, the print shop is run on volunteer labor. If we run low on volunteers, the print shop will be closed.

As of yet, there is no limit to art entered in the art show. Hanging/table space will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis, especially in the event of limited space. Walk-in artists are accepted and encouraged.

Table space for three-dimensional pieces is available on request. A charge of $2 per table is assessed.

One copy of a limited edition print may be hung in the art show. Further copies may be displayed in the print shop. This must be clearly described on the art show and print shop control sheets and bid sheets. If it is to hang in the art show, it should be framed or otherwise made presentable to encourage buyers - otherwise, they will just buy the prints!

WillyCon receives a 12% commission on all art sold through the art show, auction, and print shop (after 15 years, we decided to up it 2% to help cover our costs). Checks will be mailed to the artists (or their agents if so requested when the art is submitted) within three weeks of the convention end date.

Mail-in art should be sent to:

WillyCon Art Show
Attn: Val Ankeny, Student Center
Wayne State College
1111 Main St. 
Wayne, NE 68787

*Deadline for mail-in art is March 15, 2019.

All packages must be clearly marked as artwork for the WillyCon art show. Mail-in art must be shipped in sturdy, reusable shipping containers, with, if possible, a pre-paid return shipping method enclosed.

Art not sold at the convention may be picked up on Sunday of the convention for attending artists/guests. Mail-in art will be sent back within three weeks after WillyCon. Wherever possible, please send art with a pre-paid return shipping method (it's easier for you, easier for us, and it is returned via the carrier you prefer). If a pre-paid method is not used, we will use United Parcel Service (UPS) to return art - it is automatically insured for $100, and the package is traceable. If payment for hanging fees, postage, and any shipping insurance the artist may request is not provided by the artist and is not covered by sales, the Head of the Art Show will retain the art and contact the artist to make arrangements.

Permission to use copyrighted characters, when required, is the responsibility of the artist, not of WillyCon. We will cooperate with legitimate efforts to enforce copyrights.

WillyCon staff will provide security while the art show is in session. The room will be locked when not in use. If you have questions not answered by the information above, please contact us.

WillyCon has a "Charity Auction" component to the regular auction. A portion of the proceeds will go to WillyCon to help us fund future conventions. We will also use some of the money generated to help support Haven House, a non-profit organization offering intervention and prevention services for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, or other charities such as the WSC Food Pantry (to feed starving college students). Your generous contribution to charity would be appreciated.

Thank you for reading the Artist Guidelines. We hope you have a good convention and sell everything you submit!

Note: All art sold at WillyCon, quick sale or auction, is subject to 7% Nebraska sales tax.