Wayne State College

Art Show/Auction

General Information

Basic Mechanics

No cameras, bags, packs, food, drink, smoke, voluminous cloaks, coats, jackets, canes (or such items not necessary for walking), long swords, quarter staffs, longbows, batleths, etc. are permitted in the art show area due to the danger of damage to the art. A claim check area will be provided. No electronic or photographic imaging of displayed artwork is allowed, ever.

No art may be removed from the art show until after the voice auction Saturday night. Art must be removed from the print shop whenever it is purchased.

Artwork is available for viewing and inspection. Artwork is sold as-is. (Most artists are good about repairing any damage that may have occurred during shipping, but you must contact them and make your own arrangements.)

WillyCon will accept payment in cash (U.S. only), check, travelers check, money order, or online via Pay Pal. An ATM machine is available on campus. Gold and silver may be taken only by special arrangement with the treasury. If you buy art and fail to pick it up, WillyCon will retain the art and commission Butch and Spike to contact you about payment. WillyCon reserves the right to resell unclaimed art to recover its costs.

Some of the artwork in the art show may be limited edition prints. If the print that you want sells to someone else, contact the head of the art show. The artist who made the prints may have more copies of the work available. Please note that the cost may be higher due to the necessary postage and handling.

Buying Art

All attending convention members will have the opportunity to bid on art in the art show and/or buy prints from the print shop. Visitors may obtain a visitor's badge that will allow them access to the dealer's room as well as the art show (must have visitor's badge to buy anything in the art show or print shop as it will have a badge number). A bid is an offer to buy and is legally binding when accepted on behalf of the artist. All bids must include the bidder's name, the bidder's badge number, and the amount of the bid.

Written bids will be accepted during the art shows regular hours on Friday and Saturday. No bids will be accepted after the auction. Sunday sales are allowed through the print shop. If there is a piece of art that did not sell and you decide you want it, it must be purchased at the artist's quick sale price!

Bids must be made in whole U.S. dollars. The first bid must be at least the posted minimum bid. All subsequent bids must be higher than all previous bids. If someone bids more than you do and you wish to outbid them, than add your new bid as a new line on the bid sheet.

Art with only one bid goes to the lucky bidder. Art with two written bids by different people will go to voice auction Saturday evening, and if you really want it, be there to defend your bid! If you absolutely cannot be at the auction, you may designate a proxy to bid for you - please give us a written confirmation on who your proxy bidder is, the amount you have agreed to pay, and your contact information. If you win the piece, we will notify you as soon as possible and collect payment. At the discretion of the artist and/or the head of the art show, art with no bids will be brought to auction, with the bidding starting at the artist's minimum bid price, unless otherwise noted by the artist.

Note: All art sold at WillyCon, quick sale or auction, is subject to 7% Nebraska sales tax.

WillyCon has added a charity auction component to the regular auction. All proceeds will go to Haven House, a non-profit organization offering intervention and prevention services for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, or other charities such as the WSC Food Pantry. If you would like to participate in this cause, please bid on the art generously donated for charity by the artist GoH and other talented artists. Your kindness and generosity CAN make a difference.

Quick Sale

If a piece has no bids on it and you wish to buy it through quick sale, then find someone working in the art show. The art show rep will make sure all sales info is on the bid sheet and write "quick sale" across the remaining space. They will then take it to data entry. The piece may be picked up on Sunday. No one else may bid on a piece once it is marked "quick sale." If a piece has any bid on it, it is not available for quick sale - you must beat the current bid and/or bid on it at auction.

Print Shop

Part of the art show is a print shop (dependent on artists' submissions). Artwork in the print shop is sold by direct sale at the art show desk.

Volunteers Welcome

Contact the head of the art show if you want to volunteer. The art show and auction are run entirely by students and volunteer help. We need you!