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High School Auditions

Audition Music

First, be sure to submit your Honor Band application and read the audition instructions.

Scales: All high school auditions should begin with Concert C and A Flat scales throughout the individual's full range (including mallets). Please tongue eighth notes at m.m.=80.
Percussion: Snare drum auditions should begin with the single paradiddle. Timpani auditions should begin with a single stroke roll (open to closed). 

Then record the appropriate audition piece.

All Parts  
Alto Bass Clarinet Alto Bass Clarinet
Alto Tenor Sax Alto Tenor Sax
Bari Sax Bari Sax
Bassoon Bassoon
Clarinet Clarinet
Euphonium Euphonium
Flute Flute
Horn Horn
Mallets Mallets
Oboe Oboe
Snare Drum Snare Drum
String Bass String Bass
Timpani Timpani
Trombone Trombone
Trumpet Trumpet
Tuba Tuba