Wayne State College

Title IX Immediate Action Steps

If you need help on how to handle a sexual assault, relationship violence, or stalking:

Immediate Steps

1) Remove yourself from the situation and get to a safe place. Use a distraction if possible to find a way to exit a situation and find a place you feel safe  

2) Call someone you trust. A friend, family member, or victim advocate centers are good resources. You are NOT alone!

3) Preserve evidence. Consider these actions you’re comfortable with to help with your options in the future:

  • Try to refrain from showering until a hospital visit
  • Place any unwashed clothes you were wearing in a paper or cloth bag
  • Take photos of any physical injury or damage to property

4) Go to the hospital. A medical provider can check for injury, sexually transmitted infections, and pregnancy.  

Within 24 Hours

1) Seek out confidential support. You may want to talk or speak to a counselor. There are victim advocacy centers in town such as Haven House and national hotlines you can call if you’re just needing to talk through it. If you want to talk to the Counseling Center during business hours, contact 402-375-7321

2) Consider contacting the police. This is your choice. The sooner you contact the police, the better they can support you in a criminal investigation.

At Any Time

1) Discuss your options with the College. You are encouraged to report what happened to the Title IX Coordinator. When you give notice to the Title IX Coordinator, they will walk you through all of the resources available and actions that can be taken by the College to help.   

2) WSC can help. There are plenty of campus based resources such as Student Health, Counseling, SAVE, and other advocacy services that can make themselves available to you. You can receive changes to housing, classes, work, and more. The Title IX Coordinator will walk through those actions available with you.