Wayne State College

VAWA: A Resource Guide for Students on Sexual Misconduct

About Confidentiality

To make informed choices, all parties should be aware of confidentiality and privacy issues, as well as institutional mandatory reporting requirements.

Confidential Reporting

If reporting students wish that details of an incident be kept confidential, they should speak with campus mental health counselors and/or health service providers. Campus counselors are available to help on an emergency basis. Their service is free of charge. Off-campus rape crisis center staff, such as Haven House personnel, can maintain confidentiality.

Mandated Reporting

Mandatory reporters (e.g. Campus Security, Residence Life, Athletics personnel [except trainers], and college administration) share all information with the Title IX Coordinator. Giving a mandated reporter notice of an incident constitutes official notice to the institution. Incidents of sexual misconduct will be taken seriously when official notice is given to the institution. Such incidents of sexual misconduct will be investigated and resolved in a prompt and equitable manner under the College’s resolution procedures, which are discussed in a later section of this brochure [page 8].

You may request confidentiality and/or that the Title IX Coordinator provide you with remedies and resources without initiating a formal resolution process. The coordinator will weigh requests for confidentiality against the institutional need to address and remedy discrimination under Title IX. Generally, the College will be able to respect your wishes, unless it believes there is a threat to the community based on the use of weapons, violence, pattern, predation, or threatening conduct by the person being accused.

Regardless of whether you choose to pursue formal resolution, the College will offer you available resources, supports, and remedies.  If the College decides that it is obligated to pursue a formal resolution based on the notice you have given, you are not obligated to participate in the resolution process. However, the ability of the College to enforce its policies or provide some remedies may be limited as a result of your decision not to participate.

Incidents Involving Minors

Please be aware that institutional duties with respect to minors (those 18 years of age or under) require reporting sexual misconduct incidents to state agencies and/or local law enforcement. As a result, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed in sexual misconduct incidents involving minors.