Wayne State College

Business and IT Education Online Master's Degree

Total Hours: 36-39

Classes for the business and information technology education master's degree program are fully online.  If you are pursuing a master's degree in business and information technology education (curriculum and instruction - instructional leadership MSE), you must choose either business education or information technology as an area of emphasis.

Professional education core: 12 hours

  • EDU 603 Introduction to Educational Research and Design (3)
  • EDU 652 Instructional Theory and Practice (3)
  • EDU 658 Fundamentals of Curriculum Development PK-16 (3)
  • EDU 674 History/Philosophy of Education (3)

Business education concentration: 24 hours

  • BUS 602 Issues in Business Education (3)
  • BUS 621 Seminar in Business Education Instruction (3)
  • BUS 630 Workshop in Business Education (3)
  • BUS 640 Research in Business & Info Tech Education (3)

Plus one of the following:

  • CED 650 Curriculum Development in Career/Technical Education (3)
  • CIS 575 Topics in CIS: Emerging Technologies (3)
  • CSC 548 Web and Multimedia Content Design (3)
  • EDU 682 Developing & Integrating Technology in the Classroom (3)

Electives: 9 hours

Classes must be 600 level or above

Information technology concentration: 27 hours

  • BUS 640 Research in Business and Info Tech Education (3)
  • CIS 554 Tech Platforms, Hardware and Operating Systems (3)
  • CIS 557 Networking and Technology Management (3)
  • CIS 575 Topics in CIS: Emerging Technologies (3)
  • CSC 542 Program Design and Documentation (3)
  • CSC 548 Web and Multimedia Content Design (3)

Electives (9 hours, 600 level or above)

Note:  If you've already completed any of the 400-level course counterparts of the 500-level courses in the Information Technology, you will be encouraged by advisement to select the Business Education emphasis instead.  If you've completed both the Information Technology emphasis AND 40 hours of documented clinical information technology experience at the elementary and/or secondary levels, you will have met the requirements for the information technology supplemental endorsement. It is your responsibility to contact the Department of Computer Technology and Information Systems at Wayne State for the appropriate forms to document your clinical experience beforehand.


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Licensing and Certification: Wayne State academic programs are designed to prepare students for licensure or certification in Nebraska. If you plan to pursue licensure or certification in a state other than Nebraska, please check that state's licensing board to determine their licensing requirements. Authorization may be required from them prior to beginning a clinical or field experience in that state. Learn more.