Wayne State College

Exercise Science Education Master's Degree

You may pursue an MSE in Exercise Science, housed jointly within the School of Education and Counseling and the Department of Health, Human Performance, and Sport (HHPS). Graduate study in HHPS is designed to enhance the HHPS teaching techniques and to enable you to:

  1. achieve new and broadened academic competencies through coursework
  2. achieve more effective teaching techniques through methodology courses
  3. develop competencies in research
  4. provide professional and academic training to teach or administer in HHPS programs at the post secondary level
  5. understand the impact of science and its relationship to success in HHPS

Classes for the Exercise Science Education Master's Program

This is a 36-hour online program that results in a master of science in education (MSE) in curriculum and instruction-instructional leadership with an emphasis in exercise science. The following is a typical program of study for this degree:

Professional Education Core Classes: 12 hours

  • EDU 626 Advanced Educational Psychology (3)
  • PED 622 Statistical Applications and Data Analysis (3)
  • PED 650 Research Design (3)
  • PED 671 Recent Lit and Research in Education and HHPS (3)

Exercise science concentration: 24 hours

You must complete 24 hours of exercise science courses plus the above core. Course selection is determined through advisement. The non-thesis option is suggested, unless you plan to complete a doctorate.

  • PED 500 Cardiac Rehabilitation (3)
  • PED 551 Advanced Exercise Physiology (3)
  • PED 552 Musculoskeletal Evaluation and Management (3)
  • PED 553 Rehabilitation of Musculoskeletal Injuries (3)
  • PED 569 Sports Medicine Practicum (2)
  • PED 570 Fitness Evaluation and Assessment (3)
  • PED 571 Tests and Measurements (3)
  • PED 591 Special Project in Exercise Science (1-6)
  • PED 593 Fieldwork in Exercise Science (1-6)
  • PED 610 Legal Aspects of Sport (3)
  • PED 612 Advanced Sport Marketing/Promotion (3)
  • PED 615 Advanced Clinical Exercise Physiology (3)
  • PED 664 Sport Event and Facility Management (3)
  • PED 672 Advanced Laboratory Practicum (3)
  • PED 695 Independent Study - Literature Review (3)
  • PED 695 Independent Study - Data Collection/File Paper (3)

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