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School Counseling

Degree Requirements

Endorsement as a school counselor is accomplished through the Department of Education in the state in which the school counselor is employed. For example, in Nebraska, certification requires the Master of Science in Education (MSE) degree in Counseling, a valid Nebraska teaching certificate, and verification of two years of successful teaching experience. Contact the Certification Officer, School of Education & Counseling, WSC for information about the requirements for an endorsement in school counseling.

School Counseling Handbook

Typical Program of Study in Counselor Education for School Counseling

(48-60 hours)

Education Core Courses (3 hours)

EDU 603 Introduction to Graduate Studies & Research (3)

Content Area Concentration (40 hours)
CSL 547  Multicultural Counseling (3)
CSL 580  Prof Counselors/Ethical Standards of Practice (3)
CSL 600  Theories of Counseling (3)
CSL 615  Career Development and Life Planning (3)
CSL 625  Individual and Group Assessment (3)
CSL 630  Develop Csl over the Lifespan (3)
CSL 642  Consultation (2)
CSL 660  Pre-Practicum (3)
CSL 662  Practicum (3)
CSL 665  Group Counseling (3)
CSL 670  Org/Admin of Counseling Services (3)
CSL 675  Differential Diagnosis & Treatment Planning (3)
CSL 688 Crisis Intervention (2)
Internship Experience (If PK-12, 6 hours minimum required)
CSL 697 Internship in Counseling (3)

The setting of an internship must be specific to the type of MSE that is selected.  Students must acquire hours to satisfy the appropriate certification and licensure requirements.

Additional Content Area Requirements for Elementary School Counselors (PK-6)
CSL 641 Counseling Children (2)
CSL 643 Elementary School Counseling (2)
Content Electives (1)

Additional Content Area Requirements for Secondary School Counselors (7-12)
CSL 644 Secondary School Counseling (2)
Content Elective (3)

Double Endorsement (PK-6, 7-12) will be granted to those students completing the required courses and two internship experiences, one semester in an elementary and one semester in a secondary school setting. Students will also complete CSL 641,CSL 643, and CSL 644.