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MSOM Core Courses

MSOM Core: 18 hours

Student must complete one of the following courses - 3 hours:
CA 530 Research Process and Practice (CSC) (3)
EDCI 631 Research Design and Data Analysis (CSC) (3)
PED 650 Research Design (WSC) (3) or EDU 603 Introduction to Graduate Studies and Research (WSC) (3)
MGMT 601 Study Design & Data Collection (PSC) (3)

Student must complete one of the following courses - 3 hours: 
MATH 533 Stats Methods/Data Analysis (CSC) (3)
MGMT 602 Stats Methods/Data Analysis (PSC) (3)
PED 622 Stats Applications/Data Analysis (WSC) (3)
PSYC 538 Behavioral Statistics (CSC) (3)

Student must complete one course from each of the following four areas - 12 hours: 
BUS 665 Leadership Seminar (WSC) (3)
BUS 627 Ethics in Leadership (WSC) (3)
(Note: If a student would like to emphasize leadership in their program of study they may, with special permission from their advisor, take two leadership courses from the above area as part of their 12 hours.)
BUS 620 Managerial Communication (WSC) (3)
CNA 548 Organizational Communication II (WSC) (3)
Organizational Behavior 
BUS 690 Seminar in Organizational Behavior (WSC) (3)
Conflict Management and Organizational Psychology 
PSY 535 Industrial Organizational Psychology (WSC) (3)
BUS 628 Dispute Resolution Management (WSC) (3)