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MSOM - Sport and Recreation Management

The M.S. degree has been collaboratively designed by the three State Colleges (Wayne State College, Chadron State College, Peru State College) and will substantially use courses currently offered by the State Colleges. The proposed program is a cooperative degree program whereby students in the State College System may complete graduate courses at any of the Nebraska State Colleges and apply those credits toward completion of their M.S. degree.

A total of 36 hours is required to complete the MS degree program in organizational management.


The fieldwork experience is designed to be a broad based off-campus supervised educational work experience at an approved site offering programs and experiences in the Sport and Recreation management emphasis of the Master of Science in Organizational Management degree.

The fieldwork allows the student to develop sport and recreation management related job skills under the guidance of trained and established professionals. The fieldwork experience affords the students an opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge and skills in a practical situation while gaining valuable pre-professional, in-service training.

The fieldwork experience will provide the opportunity for the student to become fully immersed in an organization’s operations and strategic planning. Through specialized projects, participation in a range of activities associated with the organization’s operations, evaluation and self-evaluation, students will emerge with a more focused perspective of their abilities, knowledge, and understanding of the sport management profession.

It is the student’s responsibility to find the fieldwork experience most beneficial to reaching their career goals. Appropriate fieldwork activities would consist of ticket sales, event management, promotions and producing related materials, marketing, public relations, sports information, budgeting, scheduling, team or organizational travel arrangements, and many other administrative duties pertaining to sport and recreation organizations.

Fieldwork Objectives:

  1. To provide the student with an opportunity to integrate theory and practice in his/her professional education.
  2. To provide the student with an opportunity to promote and broaden his/her philosophy and understanding of the sport management & recreation profession.
  3. To enable the student to obtain information which can be used as a basis for making choices in relation to future jobs, areas of specialization, and/or further studies in sport management & recreation.
  4. To provide the student with an opportunity to gain experience in leadership.