Wayne State College

Teaching Endorsements/Certification for MSE Students

Earning Your Teaching Endorsement or Certification

Graduate students may complete requirements for an endorsement at the same time they earn the master’s degree; endorsements are also available to students who have already earned master’s degrees.

Graduate students preparing for initial certification may select from either subject or field endorsements or a combination thereof, but must declare at least one endorsement. Special endorsements may be added to field or subject endorsements as appropriate.

Students should file the following forms with the WSC Admissions Office:

  1. a Graduate Application for Admission
  2. one official complete transcript of their academic work sent directly from their other institutions to the WSC Admissions Office.

Endorsement plans and requirements are processed through the department in which the work is being taken and with the Field Experience and Teacher Certification Office. Students are to meet as early in their programs as possible with the Field Experience and Teacher Certification Office, Brandenburg Education Building.