Wayne State College

Educator Preparation Information


Students are assigned academic advisors. Communication with your advisor facilitates the completion of your program and can be an important part of your education. Confer with your advisor and engage in conversations about educational issues.

Registration Procedures 

Each semester a class schedule booklet is published which includes class offerings, registration information and course change information. Prepare a tentative class schedule using the catalog, class schedule booklet and your program guide (prior to meeting with your advisor). Then schedule an appointment with your advisor. Students are required to have their advisors’ approval for registration each semester.

Schedule Changes 

Any schedule change requires students to complete the appropriate drop/add form; consultation with their advisor is required. Deadlines and procedures are published in the class schedule.

Program/Major Changes 

Any program change requires students to complete the change of major form; consultation with their advisor is required.


Wayne State College offers a number of scholarships including several designated for education students. Current information is available in the Financial Aid Office.

Application for Degree 

All students graduating from Wayne State College must file an Application for Graduation form with the Registrar’s Office. Students may file for graduation any time after completion of 100 credit hours and at least one semester prior to graduation. Failure to file for graduation may postpone the student’s graduation date.

Application for Teacher Certification 

Upon successful completion of all course work, students are eligible to be recommended for a Nebraska teaching certificate. Applications for certification will be completed during the student teaching seminars.

Student Services 

Wayne State College provides an array of services to assist students, including the US Conn Library and computer labs (located in the US Conn Library, the Mathematics/Sciences Building, Connell Hall, Brandenburg Education Building and Gardner Hall). The Holland Academic Success Center, located in the library, provides peer tutoring. The Counseling Center, located in the Student Center, provides assistance in career planning, goal setting, personality assessment, stress management, and individual and group counseling. For further information contact the Vice President/Dean of Students Office, Student Center (ext. 7213).

Accommodations to assist each person to perform to his/her potential can be made for seating, testing or other class requirements and practices. It is important for individual students to request changes to instructors or through the Disabilities Services coordinator in the Counseling Center.

Career Services 

Personnel in the Career Services office assist students in their search for teaching positions. A complete listing of regional teacher vacancies is available to all teacher candidates. Career Services also sponsors programs covering career employment topics. These include career fairs and programs throughout the academic year. Students are assisted in the development of interviewing skills and the preparation of the job search materials.