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Intramurals at Wayne State College

Wayne State has an active intramural sports program that provides a great way to be involved in athletics on campus. Intramurals don’t just test your athletic prowess; they also test the mind! Pitch, sports trivia and even chess tournaments are regularly held.

The goal of the Intramural Program is to provide an opportunity for students at Wayne State the opportunity to participate in their favorite type of competitive sports or activities.

The program provides these opportunities:

  • Maintain better health through exercise. With so many requirements in and out of the classroom, it is important to take time out periodically for recreational pursuits to maintain a healthy balance of work and play.
  • Make social contacts and friendships that could not readily be developed in the classroom.
  • Learn the important values developed through team spirit, cooperation, and experience; the satisfaction of belonging to a group.
  • Relax from strenuous school work and the rapid pace of modern living.
  • Develop sportsmanship of the highest order. Everything that sportsmanship implies should be developed on the playing fields of Wayne State.
  • Every individual, regardless of ability, should realize the joy and fun of participation in a favorite sport against good competition.
  • Develop sport skills usable in later life.

Health and Physical Examinations

The Intramural Department cannot assume responsibility for injury incurred during participation in any of the scheduled activities and sports. Conditioning is a matter of personal responsibility.

Intramural Sports

    Archery (men’s and women’s)
    Badminton (singles and doubles)
    Basketball (men’s and women’s)
    Chess (men’s and women’s)
    Coed flag football
    Flag football (men’s and women’s)
    Horseshoes (men’s and women’s)
    Pickleball (men’s and women’s)
    Ping Pong
    Power Walk (men’s and women’s)
    Punt, Pass and Kick (men’s and women’s)
    Softball (men’s and women’s)
    Tennis (coed and men’s and women’s)
    Turkey Trot (men’s and women’s)
    3 point contest (men’s and women’s)
    3-on-3 basketball (men’s and women’s)
    8 Ball (men’s and women’s)
    Coed basketball
    Coed dodgeball
    Coed golf scramble
    Coed soccer
    Coed Ultimate Frisbee
    Coed volleyball
    Coed Wii Bowling
    Foosball (doubles and singles)
    Free throw (men’s and women’s)
    Frisbee Golf (men’s and women’s)
    March Madness (men’s and women’s)
    One-on-One (men’s and women’s)
    Racquetball (men’s and women’s)
    Sports trivia (men’s and women’s)
    Strongman (men’s and women’s)
    Team free throw (men’s and women’s)
    Track meet (men’s and women’s)
    Wiffle ball
    Wrestling (men’s)