Wayne State College

Daniel Hartnett

Hometown: Chicago

High school: Laurel-Concord-Coleridge H.S.

College education: B.S. Psychology, Wayne State College '16

Favorite thing about WSC: While attending Wayne State, my favorite thing was being a part of multiple choruses on campus. I was involved in Show Choir, Concert Choir, and Chorale. All three choirs brought their own difference and personality to the music department and the chance to continue to sing throughout college and to be involved in the Music Department even when I wasn’t a music major was one of the greatest experiences I’ve had. 

Favorite spot on campus: There are two places I consider my favorite, Ley Theater and Conn Library. Being a part of choir at Wayne, I performed and practiced many times in Ley Theater. It is a small, intimate theater, which was always so much fun to sing in. I also loved being at the library. Although sometimes it took a little self-motivation to get myself there, it was a place where I not only could buckle down and get school work done, but also it was a great place to socialize with friends and classmates, as well as to get my caffeine fix at Jitters. 

College search advice: Do what YOU want to do. As we grow up, a lot of decisions are made for us by our parents, teachers, coaches, or even friends. College is the time for you to finally take control and make your own decisions. I see so many people who make college decisions to follow their friends or their high school sweetheart and find themselves unhappy. There is nothing wrong with making the choice based on what you want. If some place feels right to you, then you should make that jump and be where your heart wants you to be.  

Hobbies: I am a big sports guy! I love all things Chicago sports. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, watching movies, singing, working out, traveling, and taking a good old-fashioned nap every now and again.  

Fun fact: I have never broken a bone.