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MBA for Business Educators

Typical Program of Study

The MBA‐Education Option is a variation of the MBA that is designed to enable certified secondary level teachers to acquire 18 credit hours of graduate business course work and to also enhance their instructional backgrounds.

These objectives are obtained by appropriate course substitutions and choice of electives. The program is only available to students holding an active secondary teaching certificate in business or marketing education. Students should discuss this option with their supervisor prior to enrollment.

MBA–Education Option Core (all courses required): 24 hours

BUS 608 Financial Administration (3)

BUS 620 Managerial Communications (3)

BUS 623 Education Decision Science (3)

BUS 652 Management Accounting (3)

BUS 656 Marketing Administration (3)

BUS 690 Seminar in Organizational Behavior (3)

BUS 692 Administrative Policy (3)

EDU 658 Fundamentals of Curriculum Development K‐12 (3)

MBA—Education Option Electives*: 6 hours

Electives consist of 6 semester credit hours from approved courses offered at the 600‐level. 

Total: 30 credit hours