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Apply to the MBA Program

MBA Admission

Apply to Graduate Studies

  • Complete and submit the Graduate Application for Admission.
  • Request an official transcript of undergraduate and graduate study sent directly from the awarding institutions to the WSC Admissions Office (not required if all previous work is from WSC).

Send to:
Wayne State 
Office of Admissions
1111 Main St.
NE 68787

You will then be admitted to Graduate Studies as a Degree Graduate Student and would be able to register for courses. At this time, you are not yet admitted into the MBA program.

Apply to the MBA Program

The MBA Office of the School of Business and Technology will determine admittance into the MBA program as either temporary or full admission.

An evaluation will be done of the undergraduate transcripts for deficiencies in the Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) courses. Those courses are: accounting, economics, marketing, management, law, statistics and corporate finance. A student can complete online tutorials to clear up any missing course deficiencies through https://www.mbaprepworks.com/local/iomad_signup/signup.php?id=109&code=WayneStateCollegeMBA.

The MBA Office will notify the student of admission into the MBA program and possible deficiencies in the CBK.

Complete the Graduate Degree Reference Form

You will need to supply the names and contact information of three references who have knowledge of your skills and character. Please list persons other than relatives. At least one reference should be familiar with your academic potential.

Download the graduate degree reference rorm.

You may be granted temporary admission to the program prior to submitting the form. However, you must submit the graduate degree reference form prior to completing nine credit hours in the program. 

International Students

International students wishing to be admitted to WSC must submit the following:

  1. Graduate application
  2. TOEFL Score (Test of English as a Foreign Language)
  3. Official undergraduate transcripts We will need an original or certified true copy of the original transcript sent to us that shows the date you received your bachelor degree.

If undergraduate degree is from a foreign institution, transcripts should be sent to Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE) for the course‐by‐course evaluation.

P.O. Box 514070
Milwaukee, WI 53203‐3470
Phone: 414-289‐3400
Fax: 414-289‐3411

Full and Temporary Admission 

Full admission is granted to students that have submitted a graduate degree reference form.

Temporary Admission is granted to students missing the following requirement:

  • Submission of a graduate degree reference form

You must submit the graduate degree reference form prior to completing nine credit hours in the program.