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MBA Program of Study

MBA Core Courses

The Wayne State College MBA program of study consists of eight 3-credit-hour core courses that are required of all students and two 3-credit-hour elective courses. The 30-credit-hour program is as follows:

BUS 608 Financial Administration (3)
A study of financial decision making in the firm; development of a decision‐making framework for determining the most efficient allocation of resources within the firm; emphasis placed on the analysis of capital investment projects, long‐term sources of funds and short‐term financing problems.

BUS 620 Managerial Communications (3)
Application of principles of communication to the managerial setting. The course investigates the influence of organizational climate, manager’s style and use of motivation on the communication process. Communication strategies appropriate to business reports, speeches, interviews, and conferences are explored along with emphasis on managerial problems with employee communication and conflict management. The course includes a focus on methods of analyzing and resolving communication problems.

BUS 625 Decision Science (3)
Prerequisites: CBK statistics. Underlying structure of quantitative business decisions and their solution. The course emphasizes problem recognition, formulation, and analysis, using software to perform necessary calculations. Topics may include linear programming, goal programming, simulation, queuing and other MS/OR techniques.

BUS 650 Managerial Economics (3)
Prerequisites: CBK Economics. See MBA section. Application of microeconomic theories in private and public managerial decision-making including an analysis of market structure and its effect on price and output determination. The course incorporates a global perspective and estimation of econometric models for business, government and non-profit organizations.

BUS 652 Management Accounting (3)
An examination of management uses of accounting data with particular reference to decision‐oriented cost classification, methods of cost estimation, data appropriate for decision models, standards and controls, and special problems.

BUS 656 Marketing Administration (3)
A study of concepts useful in understanding marketing systems and buyer behavior and developing skills in making marketing decisions. Topics include marketing strategy, decision models, market segmentation, promotional strategy and product management.

BUS 690 Seminar in Organizational Behavior (3)
Examination and analysis of the organization as a social system and the impact of its various components on work attitudes and behavior; topics include the development of organizational structures, organizational effectiveness, decision making and policy formulation, leadership and change.

BUS 692 Administrative Policy (3)
Analysis of policy formulation and implementation from a company‐wide standpoint; emphasis on integration of knowledge and approaches across functional areas; both endogenous and exogenous factors that affect company policies; and the role of the firm in society.

Six credit hours of MBA elective courses.