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Register for the Career Fair

Career Services recently changed operating systems for our online career management system Cat Tracks.

If you are an existing user of Cat Tracks you should have received an email stating that an account has already been started for you with a link directing you to create a password with your current username. If you did not receive this email, you will still want to utilize your current username in the system and use the “Forgot Password” feature for accessing Cat Tracks to register for the Career Fair. Register here.

If you are a new user, you will select “Sign Up” on the Cat Tracks landing page. Once logged into Cat Tracks, follow these steps:

  1. Find the events menu located on the left-side and select “Career Fairs.”
  2. Select “Sign Up for the 2020 Spring Career Fair."
  3. Select “Standard” for Registration Type and make sure the 2020 Spring Career Fair is selected under Days/Events Attending and click “Next."
  4. Check over the auto-filled company information for corrections and answer the Third Party Recruiter and Alumni questions at the end and click “Next."
  5. Continue verifying auto-filled answers and adding new details to your Career Fair profile information and click “Next." Note: When you are selecting Majors Recruited, you can either select “All Majors” or hit the arrow directly left of the “All Majors” box for a full list of majors to appear.
  6. Include positions you currently have available (part-time, full-time, or internships) or hire for on a regular basis (separated by a comma) and click “Next."
  7. Select the Number of Representatives Attending and add their information by clicking “Add New” for each representative and click “Next” when all representatives have been entered. Reminder: The Career Fair registration fee includes two representatives. For any additional representative a $15 fee will be charged per person. If you enter in more than two representatives, the system will automatically adjust your invoice amount. 
  8. The final steps are to select a Room Preference, Electrical Outlet usage, and Payment Method. Select “Review and Confirm” after all selections are made.
    - Room Preference will be given based on the registration dates and will not be guaranteed.
    - Electrical Outlet-Available outlets are minimal and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Please bring an extension cord as outlets may not be directly behind your table.
    - Payment-If you choose “check” please make checks payable and the mailing address out to the Wayne State College Career Services, 1111 Main Street, Wayne, NE 68787.
  9. Review your registration information and select “Confirm” if all information is correct or “Modify” if changes need to be made.
  10. You will now be directed to a Payment Invoice and will be awaiting approval by the Career Services office. A more printer-friendly version of the invoice will be coming after the Career Services staff approve your registration.
  11. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email with a final invoice attached, further event information and parking permit.

Payment, Cancellation, Refund, No-Show, and Inclement Weather Policy


Cancellation requests should be sent via email to Career Services, careerservices@wsc.edu, using the refund policy listed below:

  • Once payment is made, a full refund will be granted if cancellation is requested via email two weeks prior to event.
  • All cancellations on or after the day of the career fair will forfeit a refund. Please note, that organizations with outstanding fees will not be permitted to attend future career events until their account is paid in full.


  • Upon receipt of registration and fee payment, an organization is expected to participate in the career fair. Registered organizations that are no-shows on the day of the fair and fail to notify Career Services of cancellation will not receive a refund or be credited for future career fairs.

Inclement Weather

  • If Wayne State College has announced a campus closure on the day of the fair due to inclement weather, the event will be cancelled. Please be advised your registration fee will roll over into either the fall or spring fairs the following school year – your choice. 

If the campus remains open, the Career Services office will decide if the event will continue no later than 7 a.m. on the day of the career fair. Since weather can vary greatly across the region, some of you may choose not to attend even if the fair continues as planned. If this is your situation, we will not be able to roll your fee over into next year’s fairs; however, we can certainly help you connect with our students. If the event is cancelled due to weather, it will not be rescheduled.