Wayne State College

About Student Activities Board

Executive Board


Allie Knoepfler

This position is responsible for ensuring that the organization is run in an efficient and effective manner. It is the duty of the president to ensure that the members have the resources they need to accomplish their objectives. Finally this person acts as an advocate for the organization with external entities.

Vice President

Sydney Bradfield

The vice president is responsible for assisting the president with all matters involving the organization. These two positions work closely together to handle the day to day operation of the organization. The Vice President also serves as the secretary and handles all official documents for the organization.

Student Programmers

Tessie Collins and Ricki Bartels

The student programmers are esponsible for all matters concerning planning, arranging and managing entertainment events. The co-programmers works extensively with the executive board and the advisers of the organization to ascertain what students want for entertainment.

Marketing Director

Bibiana Luevano

This person has the responsibility for planning and distributing all the publicity for all of the events that Student Activities Board sponsors during the school year.

Media Relations Chair

Nikki Hiner

The media coordinator is responsible for distributing and publishing of technology publicity items such as Facebook, Twitter, texting, pictures, etc.

Senate/Diversity Chair

Eric Parsons

This position works with Student Senate and the Multicultural Center to promote diversity and inclusiveness on campus.

Contact us at sab@wsc.edu or call at 402-375-7238