Wayne State College

Weddings in the Planetarium

Weddings in the Planetarium

How would you like an intimate wedding under the stars without the threat of bad weather? Now you can in the Fred G. Dale Planetarium at Wayne State College!  Or perhaps you’d prefer under a large full Moon, or at sunset on a Nebraska prairie, or in the middle of Stonehenge, or even on the Moon (talk about a destination wedding!).  

All kinds of scenic options are available at the planetarium with our high-definition projection system that puts 3 million pixels on a 30-foot dome, can show 500 million stars, can look at space from any location in the Solar System, can move backward and forward through time 100,000 years, and much more!  The planetarium also has a professional sound system, 50 comfortable seats, a stage, and many decorative options within the planetarium and lobby.  Let the Fred G. Dale Planetarium help you make your “cosmic connection” a reality!

Schedule a Visit or Book Your Wedding

To schedule a visit to the planetarium to see if it will work for you, or to book your wedding, contact Dr. Todd Young at [email protected].  

Rental Costs

The rental cost for your wedding in the planetarium is $225. This includes:

  • two hours of preparations (decorations, graphical art/picture set-up, etc.) a day or two prior to the wedding day ($100)
  • three hours for the ceremony and decoration/technological teardown afterward ($125)