Wayne State College

History, Politics & Geography

Majors & Minors


Our faculty offer interesting and timely courses dealing with the understanding of how humans have come to develop the surface of our planet, the history of that development, and the ways in which people govern themselves today. In class, we keep the student/faculty ratios low and our commitment high when it comes to addressing the educational needs of the current generation.

The interdisciplinary nature of our subject matter allows for convenient overlap among topics and opportunities for inquiry by means of different points of view. In addition, our faculty work closely with the School of Education to train teachers, and we also team-teach courses in collaboration with other departments. Finally, we support a diverse range of clubs, honorary societies, guest speakers and field trips that provide additional activities for students throughout the school year.


The study of geography prepares students for a wide variety of career opportunities in business, government and education. Geography at WSC is a modern applied science which retains its ancient, traditional role as a liberal art. The geography program area continues this tradition by preparing students for productive and rewarding careers while instilling the thought processes, qualities, and habits which are the hallmarks of a liberally educated person.


History offers courses designed to help the student understand something of human nature through an understanding of the past. History as a discipline is not directly career oriented; instead, it is meant to develop a broader understanding of political, religious, economic and general cultural trends over the longue duree. Students find jobs in everything from college teaching and intelligence analysis to museum work and business careers.

Political Science

Political science involves the study of how societies are governed and the consequences of that activity. The program is designed to equip students to communicate effectively and critically examine human and institutional behavior. Those who receive a degree in political science frequently pursue careers in law, public administration, policy analysis, non-profit management, teaching and political consulting.