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ITE Competition

General Information

The 2018 ITE Competition Day is scheduled for April 4.


Registered teams take precedence on the day of competition. Non-registered teams may not be eligible to compete if space and resources are exhausted. BE SURE to include your email with your registration for up-to-date notices. Schools competing in the problem solving competition will be emailed a copy of the problem one week before the competition allowing teams to develop solutions for the problem. The solution will be built on site at the Wayne State campus using materials supplied by Wayne State.


Each school will be responsible for bringing their own tools to the competition. Wayne State College will not be supplying tools for the problem-solving competition. Each problem-solving team should supply their own scissors, hot-glue gun, glue sticks, masking tape, hobby knives, etc., and clearly identify the tool box with your school's name in the event that they become lost. Materials for the competitions will be supplied by Wayne State College.


Level I = Grades 7-9
Level II = Grades 10-12