Wayne State College

Beatriz Rodriguez

Beatriz Rodriguez teaches printmaking and drawing at Wayne State College. Before coming to WSC, Rodriguez worked closely with renowned artist, Mira Lehr and taught at the University of Miami as well as in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Florida. Her work has been exhibited in places such as the Yellowstone Art Museum, Remarque Print Workshop in New Mexico, FAR Gallery in Florida and H Gallery in California. Her work has been published in Saw Palm: Florida Literature and Art as well as in Voyage Magazine Miami.

Academic Interests
Through the use of printmaking, Rodriguez’s creates highly detailed imagery that bring to life fictional worlds, where visual narratives begin to develop and explore subjects of the human and emigrant experience. Her main focus are relief color-reduction woodcuts and Plexiglas drypoint printing. She draws inspirations from artists such as Belkis Ayón, Frida Kahlo and Roberto Fabelo.


MFA in Printmaking, University of Miami, Miami, FL
BFA cum laude, Fine Arts, Florida International University, Miami, FL

Teaching Philosophy
As a professor, I’ve always made it a priority to help students appreciate art as a skill to be gained and honed. To approach their work with patience and dedication, to know that practice produces quality and it is not achieved in one stroke. I am a firm believer in the importance of a student pursuing project concepts that are extensions of their personal interests. And, it is my goal to instill the student with the necessary work ethics and knowledge they’ll need to succeed in their art careers and continue to grow and develop far past graduation.