Wayne State College


Internship Requirements and Assignments

As an intern, you will be required to complete a few short assignments required for the internship program before you are issued school credit or have your experience noted on your official transcript. Your academic department also has the right to assign additional requirements as they see fit, which will be noted on your approved internship application in Cat Tracks.

Student Requirements

Work Schedule and Site Confirmation Survey

An email notification will be sent to your school email account reminding you to complete the survey by the due date. This email will contain a link that will take you directly to your evaluation within Cat Tracks. This survey will ask you to confirm your work schedule and site information.

Site Photo

You will be required to submit a picture of yourself at work by emailing it to Jessie Piper at jepiper2@wsc.edu. Make sure you can be identified in the picture, so don’t submit a group photo and make we can see your face.

Mid-Term Evaluation and Final Evaluation

Email notifications will be sent to your school email account to remind you when these evaluations are due. You will get an email for each survey that will contain a link directing you to your evaluation within Cat Tracks. These surveys will ask basic questions regarding your internship – please answer them honestly, so we can step in if needed or make note of an issue, if necessary. 

Note: Counseling students are only required to do a final evaluation (not a mid-term).

Student and Employer Evaluations

Email notifications with instructions will be sent to the intern at their school email account or directly to the internship supervisor reminding them to complete these required evaluations by the deadline. The evaluations will ask basic questions regarding the internship – please answer them honestly, so we can step in if needed. 

Site or Phone Visit

Depending on where you are located, a site or phone visit will need to be scheduled and completed sometime during your experience. This is usually takes place during the second half of your experience and will last a half hour to an hour. This allows your internship coordinator to see you in action, better understand your role and job responsibilities as well as the company you are working for. If you are working for a newer company or one that is new to our Career Services staff then we may request a company tour if it applies, so we can learn more about the company and help promote it across campus. We also utilize this time to thank your employer for hosting you. If you are located far away then a phone visit will be scheduled and made instead.

Employer Requirements

Your employer will also be required to complete an employer exit internship evaluation of your performance. Their evaluation will be sent to them at the same time as your final evaluation.  Please check with your employer to make sure they received this email notification with a link to their evaluation. If they did not receive this notification please contact Jessie Piper at jepiper2@wsc.edu or by calling 402-375-7527.

Note: Counseling student employers are required to do two evaluations (a mid-term and a final).