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Wayne State College encourages students to take part in an internship experience to gain practical work experience directly related to the student’s major, minor, or professional interest. To be competitive in today’s job market, practical work experience in their field of study is needed. Besides gaining relevant or hands on work experience, students can earn college credit and possibly an income to help pay for college as well as network with professionals in their field of study.

To help facilitate a mutually beneficial work experience for the employer and student, each Internship experience that is set up through Career Services will be monitored by our office.

Jessie Piper
Internship Coordinator


  • Beat the "catch 22." You need experience to get a job, but you need a job to get experience.
  • Test the waters in a chosen field and assess the suitability of your career choice before entering the workforce full time.
  • Apply academic knowledge and theoretical concepts to a practical work setting, which makes learning more interesting.
  • Gain experience, receive academic credit, and possibly earn a paycheck.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to live and work in other parts of the United States and abroad.
  • Gain important soft skills (such as communication, teamwork, cooperation and interpersonal skills) essential to today's work environment.
  • Learn more about the expectations and needs of employers.
  • Develop independence and maturity.
  • Take advantage of networking and mentoring opportunities with professionals in your field.
  • Enhance your resume writing, job search, and interview skills.
  • Acquire program-relevant work experience, which is a plus when applying to graduate school or full-time jobs.
  • Have the ability to maintain full-time student status.


Students must meet the following general requirements to be eligible to participate in an internship:

  • Have completed 24 credit hours prior to starting their internship experience.
  • Have a minimum 2.0 GPA and maintain their GPA throughout the internship.

Note: Internships through academic departments may require their own eligibility requirements.

Securing Your Internship

Students must meet the following requirements to be eligible to participate in an internship:

  • Students are expected to apply for internships or related part-time jobs to gain hands on experience. Contact your internship coordinator to schedule a time to revise your resume, review your application materials, and discuss places you could possibly intern.
  • Discuss learning objectives, as well as what your job duties will be with your employer to confirm if their needs and your desires for the internship match. Once the student has secured a position, the student should obtain following information from that company including: your supervisor’s name, job title, phone number, and email as well as the company’s complete address, approximate start and end dates, your wage, and estimated number of hours you will work per week. The student should also inform the employer they will be asked to complete a mid-term and a final evaluation of the student’s performance as a requirement for the student’s grade.
  • Next, contact your academic advisor to inform them of your position, the job duties you will be expected to perform and verify how many credits you need to apply for. Also obtain your academic advisor’s email address, your current GPA, number of credit hours you’ll have completed prior to the start of this experience, and the number of credits you wish to apply for – for this experience. Then notify Career Services by registering for your internship on Cat Tracks.

Register for Your Internship

To register for an internship (for credit or transcript notation) students need to register online via Cat Tracks.  

  1. Access Cat Tracks by signing in to myWSC. Select Cat Tracks under the list of available applications.
  2. From the Cat Tracks home page, open the My Account dropdown menu on the lefthand side, click on Personal and complete your Personal Profile, then click Save Changes and Continue. You will be asked to complete your Academic Profile, then click on Save Changes and Continue. You will be directed to your privacy settings. Make sure you say Yes to Receive Email Notifications. If you select No, you will NOT receive important internship email notifications through Cat Tracks. It’s critical that you receive these email messages. Once you have completed your privacy settings, click Save Changes. Note: You have to edit these profiles before you register for your internship. Once you are done, click on Home in the upper lefthand corner, and you will be directed to your home page. 
  3. Click on Register for an Internship found within the Links section. You will be directed to your Internships tab within your My Account page. Simply click on Add New, and you will be directed to the Internship Application Form. Complete the form, paying attention to the questions noted with a red asterisk (*). These questions are required and must be completed in order to submit your application. Note: This system will time out after 60 minutes. A timeout warning will display for five minutes, but once time expires your incomplete Internship Application form will not be saved. So please use the Save As Draft feature to save partially completed applications or if you need to step away. When you are ready to submit your application to the internship coordinator, click the Submit button. You should receive an email confirmation notifying you that your internship application was submitted successfully.
  4. To help speed up your approval process, please email Jessie Piper at jepiper2@wsc.edu stating that you applied on Cat Tracks. Also share any additional information or details about your internship that will help her process your application smoothly. This also allows you to state corrections that may need to be made before we process it. 
  5. Once you have submitted your information, your application will be placed in a pending bin until she reviews your application. If your application is complete, she will initiate a three-step electronic approval process. This process may take a week or more, but once the process is complete, you will be notified by email that you are officially registered for your internship.

Note: You will NOT register for your internship using WildcatsOnline. Your Cat Tracks internship application will roll over into WildcatsOnline automatically once you’ve been approved, regardless if this internship is for “school credit” or for “transcript notation.”

Receiving Credit or Transcript Notation

Students may apply for 1-12 credit hours or for a transcript notation. The approval of and the amount of credit given for each experience is determined by the student's academic advisor and the chair of each department.

Note: Students cannot obtain more than 12 credit hours through the internship program during your college career.

  • Credit can go toward general electives or may be substituted for program electives within your major if approved. Students should consult with their academic advisor to make this determination.
  • The level and number of credits will be determined by your academic advisor or department chair and will be listed as course number 297, 397, or 497.
  • Credit hours will be billed through the Business Office. There is no charge for completing an internship experience for transcript notation.
  • The students must work 50 work hours per credit hour (except CSL students, they are required 40 work hours per credit hour). Internships for Transcript Notation for all majors must work a minimum of 50 work hours. Students may work more hours than required, however, no additional credits will be given.
  • Internships registered as a 297 or 397 will be issued a Satisfactory (S) grade once all requirements are met. If the student does not complete their internship requirements – then they will be issued a No Credit (NC) for their experience. NC means the student has failed to fulfill their requirements hence - no credit will be issued for that experience and those credit hours will not be refunded. Occasionally, an In Progress (IP) will be noted on the student’s report card until their requirements are fulfilled. This usually means the required paperwork or the minimum number of work hours has not been met due to changes in the internship agreement that are outside of the student’s control.

Note: 297 and 397 internships will not affect your GPA, but 497 internships are given a letter grade and will affect your GPA.

At the end of the semester the student's acting faculty advisor will be notified of the student’s performance and status of their completed internship requirements and assignments regardless if the internship is credit bearing or for transcript notation. It is the assigned faculty advisor’s responsibility to review the student’s internship paperwork and issue their grade (if required) at the end of the term in Wildcats Online. The internship coordinator will notify the Registrar’s Office directly to request a transcript notation be made once the student has completed their internship. Attachments of the student’s paperwork will be included or viewable on Cat Tracks as well as a reminder to issue their student’s grade. Faculty can do this by assigning a grade at the end of the semester or they can contact the Registrar’s Office to inform them of the student's completed internship and the grade they want issued. If the student is having their internship noted on their official school transcript, then the student's academic advisor will be notified and sent the same attachments. Career Services will also notify the registrar’s office directly to request the transcript notation for the student.


Internships for school credit are billed just like any other course because those credits are applied to your degree audit therefore getting you closer to graduation. Where internships for transcript notations are free because they are not applied to your degree audit, they simply show you went above and beyond your degree requirements and help showcase that experience. 

Opportunities for internships tend to arise year-round. Should an opportunity present itself soon after the official drop-add deadline, students can still sign up to receive credit for the current semester with given permission. However, payment for that credit is required before a student will be officially enrolled if they applied after the drop-add deadline.