Wayne State College

Disability Services

Disability Services Forms

Instructions for Completing Fillable Forms: Please use either the PDF Expert app on your smartphone or the Adobe Reader or Acrobat program on your desktop to type your responses into the fillable forms. If using your smartphone, download the PDF Expert app and share the PDF to the app. Then you should be able to enter your responses into the fields.

Registration Form (Fillable PDF): This form is your opportunity to describe your disability and accommodations you hope to receive.

Supporting Documentation (PDF): This informational sheet provides guidelines and information about supporting documentation.

Accommodation Request Form: Students who are registered with Disability Services must complete this form each semester for each class in which they want to receive their approved accommodations.

Exam Request Form: Students who are registered with Disability Services are able to take exams with their approved accommodations. An accommodation request form must be completed for the course before an exam can be scheduled in that course. One exam request form should be completed for each exam that the student wants to take with their approved accommodations. Note: This form must be submitted at least three business days prior to the exam. 

Temporary Conditions Form (Fillable PDF): Disability Services facilitates short-term accommodations for students experiencing temporary conditions resulting from injury, surgery, or medical conditions.