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Disability Services

For Faculty

The partnership between faculty and Disability Services is essential for providing equal access for students with disabilities. Disability Services will communicate clearly and efficiently with faculty to create understanding for all parties involved. Disability Services encourages faculty to utilize Universal Design, which is a concept of creating an environment that is accessible to every student, regardless of disability, age, size, etc.

There are various rights and responsibilities for each participating party: the student, Disability Services, and the faculty. View the rights and responsibilities.

Syllabus Statement

Please include the following Disability Services statement in your syllabus: 

Disabilities Accommodations (ADA Policy): In accordance with federal law, it is Wayne State College policy to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you believe that you have a physical, learning, or psychological disability that requires an academic accommodation, contact Disability Services by phone at 402-375-7451, 402-375-7505, or email at [email protected], or visit their office located in the Kanter Student Center #12. 


A student in my class told me they have a disability. What do I do? 

Ask the student if they are registered with Disability Services. If they are not, refer them to the Disability Services office located in the Kanter Student Center #12. You can also email Amber Willoughby, Coordinator of Disability Services, at [email protected] if you have additional information that would be helpful. 

Where will students take exams with accommodations?

Students may choose to take their exam with accommodations in the Disability Services testing area. Low distraction rooms are monitored by Disability Services staff to ensure the integrity of the exam. 

The instructor will receive an email notification 3 days prior to a scheduled exam if a student has signed up to take it in the Disability Services testing area. The instructor may email the exam and proctoring instructions to [email protected] or hand deliver it to Kanter Student Center #12.

The instructor can choose to pick up the completed exam, or have it delivered to their office. Note: Copies of exams will not be retained by this office in any way.

Any changes to the exam date or time will need the instructor’s approval. Students are expected to take their exams at the same time as the class, but sometimes that is not always possible due to night class or other class conflicts. The student will contact the instructor to discuss their conflict and determine an alternate date and/or time to take the exam in the Disability Services testing area.  

Can I ask a student to tell me their disability?

No, that is confidential information. Students do not have to inform their instructors about their specific disability or diagnosis when arranging accommodations. Students may choose to share information about their disability with you at their own discretion. While you should not ask students about their specific disability or diagnosis, you may ask if there is anything that you should be aware of. 

How do I know who is eligible for accommodations?
Students are eligible for services if they have a verified disability. Students must submit documentation of the disability from a qualified professional to Disability Services. If you have a student in your class who is eligible for accommodations, you will be notified via email from the Disability Services Coordinator. You may also contact Disability Services to see if a student is registered with our office. 

Do academic accommodations lower the standards for students with disabilities?

No. Academic accommodations are adjustments made to a classroom environment or task which are necessary to provide an equal opportunity for students with disabilities. Accommodations are intended to assist students in overcoming functional limitations and barriers resulting from the disability. Students with disabilities are still responsible for meeting course and conduct requirements. 

Do I have to make retroactive accommodations?

If a student is eligible for accommodations partway through the semester, you are not required to accommodate previous work that was already submitted for grading. Students are encouraged to register with Disability Services early in the semester so that necessary accommodations can be implemented. 

What if a student with a disability is unable to meet the course requirements, even with accommodations?

Students with disabilities who are unable to meet essential course requirements can be failed, just like any other student. 

What do I do if I am not sure how to provide a certain accommodation?

Contact the Disability Services coordinator to discuss your questions and to create a plan for how to provide the specific accommodation. You may also discuss the accommodation with the student to see what will work best for them in the particular academic environment.