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Disability Services

Academic Accommodations Policy

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 mandate equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities. An academic accommodation or modification is sometimes needed to ensure that a qualified student with a disability has an equal opportunity to access and benefit from a course or educational activity. However, academic accommodations must not compromise the college’s academic standards.

At Wayne State College, the academic accommodation process involves a partnership between the student, the Holland Academic Success Center, and the faculty member. Each has a specific role to play and responsibilities to uphold.

The student’s role is to make their disability known and to request accommodation.

Complete the Academic Accommodations Form (PDF)

I. Student Responsibilities

  1. provide the Holland Academic Success Center with recent medical, psychological, psychoeducational, or neurological documentation from an appropriately licensed professional which identifies the disability and, whenever possible, provides suggested accommodations.
  2. complete the Disability Accommodation Request Form and receive approval from the Holland Academic Success Center for academic accommodations prior to requesting an accommodation from a course instructor. The form can be filled out online - please complete a form for each class you are requesting accommodations. Print the form, sign and bring the completed request to the Holland Academic Success Center.
  3. request disability related academic accommodations in a timely manner. This may include contacting the Holland Academic Success Center to arrange exam accommodations. 
  4. meet the time limits and procedural requirements established by the Holland Academic Success Center for providing academic accommodations or scheduling exams. If the student fails to provide adequate notice of the need for accommodation, he/she remains entitled to the accommodation, however, the accommodation may be delayed and/or may not be able to be provided in the fullest measure requested.

The role of the Holland Academic Success Center is to verify the disability and determine the student’s eligibility for academic accommodations.

II. Holland Academic Success Center Responsibilities

  1. maintain records that verify the disability. 
  2. determine appropriate academic accommodations using the Disability Accommodations Form (PDF)
  3. communicate a student’s eligibility for academic accommodations, upon request.
  4. consult with faculty, staff, and outside professionals regarding academic accommodation requests that are unusual or complex.

The role of the faculty member is to provide appropriate accommodations either directly or by making arrangements with the Holland Academic Success Center.

III. Faculty Member Responsibilities

  1. ensure that the requested accommodation does not unduly compromise an essential element or evaluation standard of the course. 
  2. verify that the Holland Academic Success Center has approved the requested accommodation. 
  3. discuss with the Holland Academic Success Center any concerns related to an accommodation or the arrangements that have been requested by a student with a disability. 
  4. determine the non-disability related conditions under which the exam is to be completed (e.g., open book, use of notes, calculator) when the exam is to be administered by someone other than the faculty member, and provide timely delivery of the exam along with all necessary instructions for exam administration, 
  5. maintain the confidentiality of information regarding students with disabilities. [Students with physical or psychological impairments / Students with learning disabilities]

Wayne State College is committed to the fair resolution of all requests

IV. Accommodation Appeals

In situations where the appropriateness of a proposed accommodation is unclear, the faculty member or the student may request a review of the accommodation. The review will be conducted by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Holland Academic Success Center Clinical Psychologist. The review committee will determine whether the requested accommodation is reasonable and appropriate for the student’s disability and will determine whether the proposed accommodation unduly compromises an essential element or evaluation standard of the course. 

Individuals who believe they have experienced discrimination based on their disability may file a grievance with the Wayne State College 504/ADA compliance officer.