Wayne State College

Disability Services


Disability Services works in collaboration with students and faculty to coordinate and provide reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. An accommodation is an adjustment that is made to a course, program, job, activity or facility that eliminates or minimizes disability-related barriers to allow for equal access. Reasonable accommodations do not compromise the academic standards or integrity of a course; they simply provide an alternative way to accomplish the course requirements. 

In order for an accommodation to be considered reasonable, it must meet four criteria:

  • It must not compromise essential requirements of a course or program.
  • It must not cause an undue administrative or financial hardship.
  • It must not compromise safety to you or others.
  • It must not fundamentally alter a course or program.

Disability Services creates individualized accommodation plans based on the student and their specific needs due to disability. 

Some common accommodations offered at Wayne State College include, but are not limited to:

Exam Accommodations

  • Braille exam 
  • Calculator use
  • Enlarged exams 
  • Exams in audio format 
  • Extended time on exams 
  • Low distraction area for exams  
  • Scribe/assistance with computer score sheets  
  • Sign language interpreter 
  • Spell check/dictionary
  • Use of computer for essays

Material Accommodations

  • Alternate format textbooks 
  • Braille print 
  • Large print 

Classroom Accommodations

  • Accessible classrooms and labs 
  • Audio record lectures 
  • Captioned media in class 
  • Lab assistance
  • Notetaking 
  • Preferential seating 
  • Sign language interpreter 

Housing Accommodations

  • Flashing fire alarm 
  • Ground floor room 
  • Wheelchair accessible residence hall