Wayne State College

Academic Advising

Students will be assigned an academic advisor after they register for classes. Their advisor will be their first point of contact for any questions or issues that they may have while at Wayne State College. Advisors will reach out to you via your WSC email address before the semester starts with important information.

Academic Calendar

Includes fall, spring, and summer dates to know.

Course Catalog

A comprehensive directory of undergraduate and graduate courses.

Dean's List

A collection of current and past dean's lists.

Disability Services

Student with disabilities can get assistance including exam accommodations, recorded books and reading services, individualized instruction, support and discussion groups, screenings and referral services.


The US Conn Library provides access to books, journals, scholarly articles and other research assistance. The qualified staff is available to assist students and faculty with research pursuits. Workstations, study spaces and comfortable chairs are also available.

General Studies Program

The General Studies Program forms the foundation of a Wayne State College liberal arts education. The required courses that make up the General Studies Program will prepare students for the advanced coursework that is a part of their major.

Honors Program

The Honors Program nurtures talent by providing the opportunity for students to go further in an academic discipline 

Degree Programs

A list of all programs of study available at WSC

Records and Registration Office

The Registrar's Office maintains the permanent academic records of all Wayne State students.


TRIO Student Support Services personal support services are like a safety net as the student adjusts to the demands of greater independence and responsibility that are a part of college life. 


Manage your student account and register for classes. Log in to myWSC first. 

Writing Help

Writing tutors help students improve written communications and academic writing skills. Tutors help students clarify concepts, improve critical thinking, develop paragraphs and transitions, work on organization, increase vocabulary, incorporate and correctly document secondary sources, and write logical, grammatically correct, clear sentences.