Wayne State College

Faculty Senate

Academic Policies Committee Bylaws

Article I. Name

The name of this committee is the Academic Policies Committee of Wayne State College at Wayne, Nebraska.

Article II. Responsibilities

Section 1. Purpose

It is the purpose of the Academic Policies Committee to act on all matters affecting the College’s undergraduate programs. The Academic Policies Committee is the governing body of the undergraduate programs. The Academic Policies Committee reports to the Wayne State College Faculty Senate on matters of concern regarding committee

Section 2. Functions

The functions of the Committee shall be to:

  • study on a continuing basis undergraduate degree requirements, including courses in the General Education program;
  • recommend to the Vice President for Academic Affairs approval or disapproval of all changes in academic policies, degree requirements, academic programs, new course offerings, and changes in courses for all courses offered for credit and applicable toward a baccalaureate degree.
  • review all changes in textbook policy, grading system, criteria and procedures for graduation with honors, articulation of academic programs with other colleges/universities, and acceptance of transfer credit.

Article III. Members

Section 1. Composition

The composition of the Committee shall be:

  • fourteen (14) voting faculty members, one from each of the departments identified in the organizational structure dated July 1, 2001. Members shall be elected by the departments on a rotating basis, for two year terms;
  • two non-voting student representatives, appointed by the Student Senate for one-year terms;
  • a liaison from the Office of Records and Registration may serve as a nonvoting representative.

Article IV. Chairperson

Section 1. Committee Chairperson

  • will conduct all business and meetings in a manner adhering to an acceptable standard of order;
  • is responsible for the documentation of all business conducted by the Committee. He/She may request clerical assistance from the office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs;
  • is to be a full participant in debate with the same voting rights as all other members;
  • will be elected by majority vote at the beginning of the fall term.

Section 2. Committee Vice Chairperson

  • will be elected by majority vote at the beginning of the fall term.
  • will be responsible for conducting meetings and providing documentation of all business conducted by the Committee in the absence of the chairperson.
  • will preside over meeting activities while the chairperson is presenting proposals to the Committee.

Article V. Meetings

Section 1. Quorum

  • A quorum will consist of nine (9) or more representatives of the fourteen academic departments.
  • Committee members who must miss may send a replacement with voting privileges for two meetings per semester. Voting privileges for substitutes for more than two meetings per semester must be approved by the committee chairperson.
  • Members unable to attend a scheduled meeting are requested to contact the chairperson prior to the meeting so that determination of a quorum can be made and the other members notified.
  • At the call of the Committee Chair, the committee may meet and conduct all normal business via telecommunications (telephone, conference call, or email). Such a meeting is subject to the same rules as any other committee meeting regarding procedure, quorum, minutes and agenda.

Section 2. Agenda

Agenda format will be as follows:

  • Minutes
  • Announcements
  • Old Business
  • New Business
  • Discussion

Agenda and materials will be distributed to members via campus mail and will be available three (3) days prior to the scheduled meetings.

Section 3. Distribution of Minutes

  • President
  • Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Committee Members
  • School Deans
  • Department Chairs
  • Registrar
  • Chair of the Wayne State College Faculty Senate

Article VI. Proposals

Section 1. Requirements

Proposals from academic departments must be signed by the appropriate Department Chair and School Dean. Proposals which are appropriate for the committee and which conform to the prescribed format and procedures will be placed on the agenda in the order received.

All proposals must be received by the chairperson at least five (5) days prior to a scheduled meeting in order to be placed on the agenda.

Eighteen (18) copies of all proposals shall be sent to the chairperson for distribution and filing.

All academic proposals will have two readings. The first vote will move the matter from “new business” to “old business.” Note: Proposals which affect any teacher education requirement or any subject or field endorsement must be referred to the Curriculum Committee in the School of Education and Counseling for approval prior to the second reading by the Academic Policies Committee. On approval of the second reading, all proposals will be sent to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. All second readings will be recorded as roll call votes.

If representatives from at least four departments request that an item be brought to the general faculty meeting for a vote, the committee chairperson will forward the request on behalf of the committee to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

All undergraduate course changes, including title, numbering and prerequisites, must be approved by the committee.

The deadline for submitting proposals to be considered for the catalog of the next year is Dec. 1. Proposals submitted after that date may not be acted upon on time to be included in the next catalog.

Article VII. Amendment of Bylaws

The bylaws of the Academic Policies Committee can be amended by ten (10) committee members, (a two-thirds majority of the voting Committee members).

Revised: September 9, 2001