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About Conn Library

Rules and Policies

Policies affecting library users

Animals: Pets or other animals are not allowed in the library. Exceptions are animal aides to handicapped personnel or patrons.

Bicycles, roller blades and skateboards: A bicycle rack is provided to the north of the front steps of the library. Skateboards and in-line/roller skates are not allowed in the library or on the Seymour Plaza in the front of the library.

Borrowing (Circulation):

 Type of Material Student Loan Period
Books (general collection) 28 days (1 renewal)
Reference Books (non-circulating) May not be checked out
Periodicals (unbound) May not be checked out
Periodicals (bound) 3 days (1 renewal)
J, E, YA (children's books) 28 days (1 renewal)
Non-print (kits, etc.) 7 days (1 renewal)
Textbooks 28 days (1 renewal)
Curriculum guides 7 days (1 renewal)
Reserve Materials 1 hour, 2 hours, 1 day or 3 day
Laptop Computers and Tablets 3 hours
Audio Visual Equipment 3 days

Challenged books: Patrons who feel a particular library holding is offensive to them or the item is inappropriate for the collection can request a form to fill out challenging the right of that item to be in the library. The completed form will be presented to the Library Committee at its regularly scheduled meeting and the committee will make recommendation to the library director concerning the item’s status. The final decision to keep or remove any item from the library is the responsibility of the library director.

Children: Conn Library provides an adult environment for the purposes of academic research. While children are welcome at the library, they are expected to be on their best behavior. As a general rule, children younger than 12 should be accompanied by an adult at all times when using the library. Campus Security will be contacted at the discretion of the supervising employee if unaccompanied children are causing problems or are in danger in the library. Children should not be allowed to make excessive noise, run or climb on furniture in the building. If a child is behaving inappropriately, library staff will inform the adult that the child should be properly supervised. Adults who are unable or unwilling to properly supervise their children will be asked to leave the facility with their children. Campus Security will be called if necessary.

Community library patrons: WSC Conn Library borrowers cards are available to the general public. Privileges include checkout of books and audiovisual materials. Interlibrary loan services are not included. Cards may be obtained at the Network and Technology Service Center in the library. After having your photo taken and receiving the card, please bring it to the Circulation Desk for activation.

Public computers: Desktop PCs are available throughout the building.  

Tablets and laptop computers can be borrowed for in-library use only. Laptops can be checked out at the circulation desk, while iPad tablets are available in the IRC.

Patron Responsibilities:

  • All patrons are responsible for knowing and following the rules stated in this laptop/tablet loan policy. Patrons fined or suspended under these rules may not use ignorance of the rules as the basis for an appeal.
  • Laptop/tablets may NOT leave the building.
  • Laptop/tablets must remain in the student's possession at all times. If the device is left unattended and is retrieved by a staff member the student will have future laptop borrowing privileges suspended.
  • The loan period for laptops or tablets is three hours. They can be renewed for additional time subject to availability.
  • Software loaded on the laptop includes Microsoft Office and an internet browser. Students are not permitted to load additional software on to the laptop.
  • Students should not save files on the device. Files should be saved on a personal storage device (flash drive) or on the campus network (J) drive.
  • Students can only check out one device at a time.
  • Laptop/tablets are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Students cannot reserve them for later use.
  • Laptop/tablets must be returned in working condition. Students assume financial responsibility up to $800 for any theft, loss or damage to the device.

Disorderly conduct: Patrons who are disorderly or noisy to the point of disturbing other people’s studies will be asked to correct their behavior or asked to leave the library.

Fines: Conn Library no longer assesses overdue fines for most materials, except audio-visual equipment and Interlibrary Loan materials. We will continue to issue overdue notices. The third notice sent will be a bill to replace the item. Replacements include a $40 processing fee in addition to the replacement cost.

Food and drink: Students are allowed to eat and/or drink at study tables or in common areas in the library. Students are asked to keep their study areas picked up and clean for the next person. No alcohol is allowed in the library.

Holds: Materials may be put on hold by request at the circulation desk. When the material is returned, you will be notified. The material will be held at the circulation desk for seven days.

Library hours: Library hours are posted online, in the paper, on the Campus Bulletin Board and on the answering machine at 402-375-7570. Library hours are reviewed each year and will change depending on staffing, usage and expressed need by the college community.

Personal electronic devices: Personal devices (phones, tablets, computers) may be used in the library. Caution is given about overly noisy and disruptive use. The library does not take responsibility for the safety or security of personal devices.

Printing: PaperCut and laptop computers can print to library printers. Personal devices can send print jobs to library printers at this time. Patrons with flash drives or files saved online that wish to print may utilize the library computers or laptop print stations.

Quiet areas: Patrons are expected to follow posted instructions to keep quiet in designated “QUIET AREAS” in the library.

Returning materials: You may return materials to the circulation desk or designated return slot outside the building.

Renewing materials: Most borrowing periods can be renewed. Reserve materials and materials with a hold on them may not be renewed. Patrons can renew books online, at the circulation desk or by calling 402-375-7258. Interlibrary Loan materials can only be renewed if the lending library agrees.

Unavailable materials: If an item is not checked out but cannot be found on the shelves please ask for assistance at the circulation desk. The library will initiate a search for the material and if found will contact you and hold it at the circulation desk for seven days.