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The government documents collection at Wayne State consists of U.S. government documents, legal reference, documents reference and Nebraska state documents.

Federal Documents

Conn Library became a selective depository library for U.S. federal documents in 1970. With the Government Printing Office wanting to save on the cost associated with printing, they are now putting the majority of their documents online. With larger number of documents available online, we changed our selections to online documents only in 2012. The library currently selects 10 percent of the items available from the Government Printing Office. Materials not held by Conn Library may be retrieved at Love Library at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, or other libraries through our Interlibrary Loan program. All U.S. Government documents are cataloged and available by subject, title or agency in the library’s online catalog.

Nebraska Documents

WSC has been an official depository for Nebraska state documents since 1982. The collection includes microfiche copies of publications, and paper copies of reference and current legislative materials. Many of these materials are also available full-text online.

Online Resources

Key federal and state electronic documents are cataloged in and linked from the NSCS online catalog. Below you will find a list of key portals to government information of all types. For additional resources in the following areas, we have provided guides to selected government websites.

Selected Government Websites

Agencies and Departments of the Federal Government

Article Databases and Publications, Selected Titles

Directories, Portals, and Databases of Publications

Government Information for Business and Economics

Government Sources of Data and Statistics

U.S. Census Bureau

The Census Bureau conducts a number of census studies that provide economic and demographic information. Key publications found on the Census Bureau site include:

Bureau of Justice Statistics

Part of the Department of Justice, the Bureau of Justice Statistics provides many types of statistics on criminal justice:

Bureau of Labor Statistics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is the principal fact-finding agency for the Federal Government in the broad field of labor economics and statistics. Key data sources include:

Other Statistical Resources

Government Websites on Education

United States Federal Government Information Sources

Sources on the the U.S. Federal Government, including major branches of government.

Key Documents




Government Websites on Health

Legal Resources

Government Resources on Crime and Law Enforcement

Other Resources

Nebraska Information


General State Websites


Federal Government Portals

The following links connect to multi-agency government web pages which have a narrowly-defined content area. Many of these sites were created by the E-gov initiatives.


Tax Information from the Government

When it's tax season you can use the following links to locate the State and Federal tax forms you need. In order to view and print tax forms, you will probably need the most current version of the Adobe PDF reader. The WSC Conn library no longer receives hard copies of tax forms, but you can print the forms using our public computers.

Tax Information

Remember that WSC Conn Library does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information provided at these sites and cannot answer specific tax questions. Any concerns or questions about your specific tax situation should be discussed with a tax professional.

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