Wayne State College

Vice President for Information Technology

John Dunning

"I firmly believe that life is about the story we write for ourselves and, just as importantly, the way in which we help others write their own stories. Higher education can play such a critical role in shaping and changing the arc of personal and family stories in a positive way. Wayne State provided that gift for me through the care and passion of its faculty and staff. I’m honored and thrilled to be able to play a part in paying that forward to today’s generation of Wildcat storytellers."

About Mr. Dunning

In his role as Vice President for Information Technology at Wayne State College, Dunning leads a team of dedicated IT professionals in supporting WSC's student success, regional service and teaching excellence mission. He is a longtime member of the Wayne State family, having earned both his undergraduate and graduate degrees as a Wildcat. Dunning also serves as chair of the Midwestern Higher Education Compact’s Technologies Committee (MHECTech). As chair, he works with other committee leaders to create a vision for collaboration and cost savings in higher education through procurement and best practice initiatives. By creating cost savings and enhancing efficiencies in institutions, these initiatives help to address the access and affordability challenges facing higher education today. MHECTech contracts are used by public and private non-for-profit higher education institutions across 41 states and not only provide millions of dollars of savings annually, but also help to tailor IT products and services to the specific needs of the higher education community. Avocationally, Dunning is a vocalist, thespian, brewer, and woodworker and enjoys quiet time watching TV with his wife, Ann.


MSE, Wayne State College, 1997

B.S., Wayne State College, 1992